Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Theres no I in the word TEAM!

So I was preparing this post to follow up on something I touched on with the last topic regarding the spAnd that is taking credit for other peoples work. My soon to be ex supervisor is always bitching and complaining when she is not included in everything. Take for example yesterday. We are implementing a recycling program here. We started looking online for some artwork and started making signs. Well because we all do not have color printers we emailed our signs to one of our designers/tag makers/buyer who has one. Well he took a look at the signs and started making his own. Now Boski doesn't give a fuck. It literally took me 90 seconds to make my sign. Gust google image searched recycling, copy image, past and done. He can tweak them and create new ones. Its a sign that is going on a trash can, what do I care. Then our ops manager (who most of you know) got involved and started making her own tweaks. My supervisor just starts flipping out to me. "Why are they changing our signs? What are they doing? Thats not what I want!" I'm like just let it go, they are some signs that are just going on the containers. She says she is not "as easy going as I am." OK, if that shit pisses you off, you are fucked in the head. But this is the way she is. Everytime something she does is changed, or she isn't involved with everything she freaks out and throws a fit. Its so bad that even people from other departments remark on it. One of the problems we are dealing with right now is regarding some new loading doors. Needless to say this is something I have been trying to fix for 2 weeks. I was swamped yesterday and she says can I call the guy for you and get him out here to talk about it. Sure, thanks for the help I thought. Well she meets with the guy and all I hear is I did this, and I got this...umm Boski did all that shit 2 days ago. Don't take credit for my work. I am the first to make sure I give credit to those who are due it, but this girl just takes it. And if something fucks up, she places the blame on someone else. If shes not in a meeting she freaks. Once I was called into a meeting just by myself with the owner. It was a simple 5 min convo about a company car for one of his family members that he wanted to keep private, no big deal. She starts grilling me after the meeting. What was that about? What were you talking about? If the owner wanted you involved he would have asked you in on it, just fucking nosy. I'm sure everyone has to deal with at least one person at their work like this. Sorry for the rant, more serious post tomorrow. anish languae in America but something came up that I just wanted to touch on real quick.

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