Monday, December 28, 2009

Hokies of the Past Update

Just thought you all might find this bit of news interesting since this is primarily a VT blog...I found out today that playing in our Rec Adult Basketball League this season, we have none other than.....Brrrrrrrrrrrriaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn Raaaaaaaaaaandallllllll

Haha, might have to go watch one of those games. I thought that clown was a 3rd stringer somewhere? Guess hes strugglin a little bit if hes back here playing in our Rec League

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A-Hole Drivers

So I know some of you live in areas where the traffic problems are four times as bad as around here but let me tell you what happened to boski this morning. First off I'm sick, not feeling good, and in no mood to be fucked with. I'm at a light and it turns green and I start to go. This white BMW Z4 is right behind me on my ass. I needed to get it over in the other lane so I'm checking the blind spot, making sure everything is OK and this fool cuts right over into the lane and zooms past. I give him the rock on hand sign and its some punk looking headcase/wanna be headcase (couldn't really tell with his tinted windows) wearing a hoodie with the hood up. First up why do some people who wear hoodies actually put the hood up in the car? Just to look more hardcore? This kid probably was like 120 pounds by the looks of it. So hes in front of me and gets into a turn lane to go into a parking lot, I go by and hes flicking me off so I flick him off. I think nothing of it and keep going about 2 more blocks to make my turn. Its then when I notice he is following me. He follows me all the way to my work, I get out of the car and he like does slow circle and is just looking at me. I just stop and stare, he slowly drives away, I just continue to stare. I then hear him say in a low voice "What?" and continues his slow roll away. OK if you are going to follow someone to their work at least get out of the fucking car. I mean WTF?

Friday, December 4, 2009


If anyone wants to do that bowlmania thing, I set up a group on Yahoo:

League ID: 8155
Password: prime

Always gives me a reason to watch the bowl games which would otherwise be pointless to me (about 95% of them anyway)