Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Worlds most expensive Shin Gaurd

So just for the record I told everyone in countless TI meetings that we should have jumped on the Carbon Fiber thing. Everyone laughed at Boski but now look at this:

So back when I still played soccer me and Term bought some shin guards from Adidas that were like $40 for a pair. We had to mold them to our legs. At that time I was like fuck $40 for shin guards. I thought we were a bit crazy. Not to mention that after those pair died I don't think either myself or Term has spent more than $10 on a pair of shin guards, opting for the cheap slide in ones that are paper thing. So I'm reading my Eurosport soccer catalogue that I still get (i occasionally get some new shoes from them) and decided to read the whole thing. I come to shin guards and I see these.....$100.00 for fucking shin guards. And guess what they are made out of....CARBON FIBER! They don't look any better than what a pair of $10-$20 pair would do. Their weight is the same. They do say they "withstand the demands of the elite level game". Not sure what the fuck that means, it also says they are designed for each leg so the left goes with the left, etc. This is not the first time Nike has done Carbon Fiber in soccer. They have a cleat that the outsole (bottom) is carbon fiber to reduce weight and they charge a large sum for. But at $100 you could buy a good pair cleats for that much. Any this just Nike trying to take advantage of peeps?

Monday, August 10, 2009

So team initial has 2 words currently in Urban Dictionary

An abbreviation for the word typical.
"Jen said she wasn't going to drink anymore, and there she is, drunk and passing out on the bar. Typs." "Don't bring up the time I drove off without you again! That's so typs of you!" "I went out for dinner with my girlfriend and got stuck with the check again. Typs."

English pronunciation of a polish word 'boski', which means 'godlike'. Particularly, this is a nickname of leet and geek internet users.
-He is awesome! -Yup, he's bosky...

Friday, August 7, 2009


1) Boon will be coming to VB next Tues, and will probably hang around until that Thurs. So if any of you fools are trying to hang, let me know.

2) I was searching craigslist for VT - Nebraska tickets and was able to score one...I'm picking it up tomorrow for $100, so I'm pretty stoked. Scott, I'm not sure what you should do if you still plan on going, but I suggest searching craigslist....I got pretty lucky. As for bama, I think I just found a buyer for $175 per ticket, so I think that's what I'm doing. As for place to stay for the Nebraska game, I don't know. The closest hotels that are not booked are all the way in Roanoke, which blows. Joan's little sister goes to Tech and maybe crash there? doubtful, but just thinking of options...