Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boski on Creepy I.T. guys

So most of you guys have to deal with an I.T. guy, or some form of it. Why are most of them fucked in the head? Here we've had normal guys, we've had some guys who were just slightly geeky, we had a girl who was smoking....well she did have a butt'er face but who cared with an ass like she had. But more often than not, they are just screwy. We had a guy who was a Pagan, he asked for Halloween off as a religious holiday, I asked him if he was gonna kill any cats. He also kept a knife collection in the trunk of his car. We had one guy that came in stoned everyday and just sat around. One guy who they almost hired came in dressed entirely in all black and our head IT guy said the dude was giving him an evil look the entire time. One guy who is currently employed as a stock guy and wanted to move up to IT makes his own chain mail armor. And paints figures of dragons in his spare time in the stockroom. Our newest guy is great, hes a headcase with big glasses and some completely jacked teeth. Now normally I would not rag on a guys looks but there was something said yesterday that I had to laugh. Someone was asking for him to fix their printer, it was one of the girls and he did not know which one. One of her coworkers who is a girl said its the girl with the curly hair and the big ass. Which this girl does have. He said "you don't need to describe her, i didn't need to hear all that." Then says to me that girl ain't nothing special, I will tell her that myself. Now shes not hot, but if this guy even came close to tapping it I would claim it a miracle. On top of that the guy just says the most random shit. We've now given him the title of Capt. Random.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You Will Be Remembered

I'd just like to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of Bennigan's Grill and Tavern. It was a sad day today. For those of you that haven't heard, Bennigan's is closing its doors forever due to money problems.

Turkey O'Toole, we will miss you.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Is honesty really the best policy?

I don't think any of us deny the fact that political correctness is already a major problem in the US. Also, all of us have heard the policy of "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all." These are just two simple example of how honesty, one of the most highly valued virtues, is discouraged in today's society. I am a firm believer that being honest with one's self and to others is the only way to success in the US today, no matter how taboo it might seem at times. I try to be as honest as possible and let people know how I feel about things. Most people at school considered me to be pretty egotistical because I wouldn't hold back on getting in discussions about homework/projects and I insisted on doing things my way. I also was probably the most respected because even though I was "mean" if I was making a point, 95% of the time I was right.

Conceptually, being honest to people makes a ton of sense in both business and in personal relationships. Having success with honesty in business should not need much explaining or examples to prove my point. Most of the most powerful people in business are often considered to be "assholes" by today's standards. Think- Trump, Jack Welch (former CEO of GE), Lee Raymond (former CEO of ExxonMobil, Henry Ford). These people were/are some of the most successful business men of all times and they achieved this honor by being honest, even if it meant being "mean." Think of some of the people you actually like working with and consider to be good at their job. Are they honest and candid?

In terms of personal relationships: if you were honest with all of your friends and family, you could likely eliminate most of the problems/fights/etc. you have by being honest from the start. Telling people that they are getting on your nerves in what they do or how they act right after it occurs can save yourself from simply blowing up on them later.

A great example of honesty being successful that we all have experienced is playing video games with Apex on a competitive level. This might sound like a ass-kissing, but a lot of our success in our CS days and almost ALL of my success in WoW can be attributed to Apex's honesty in leadership. None of us can forget the Prime/term silence on nights where Pex seemed to be particularly critical of our actions during scrims. Pex would almost never sugar coat any directions or requests and always be firm in his theories. At the time, it seemed like he was just a dick and he never admitted to be wrong. Numerous nights of Apex and I sitting in the same dorm room, arguing over IRC and not saying anything verbal are almost priceless. I think by playing WoW with Apex I have come to realize he isn't wrong often when it comes to video games and taking his advice for what it is instead of thinking about how harshly he gives it can yield big results. If you make a mistake, he will be the first to let you know about it. The key is not to harp on the mistake, but instead learn from it and get better.

Don't think that Apex is the only one who is honest out of us, it was just a easy example. I feel that our group of friends are almost always honest with each other and this is the exact reason we get along so well. Notice how we often argue/discuss controversial issues and never back down from what we feel. All of us partake in these discussions and the only reason they occur is because we feel a certain way and we say what we mean. I would think all of you agree with me in this point to a certain extent. Establishing this point I ask my first question: if all of us were placed at the top of a company, could we make/keep it successful? For example, if we all owned equal shares of a retail store we all know, would it make more money than it does now? I tend to think so, but I would be interested in your opinion.

Now I come to my final point. Is honesty AT ALL TIMES the best policy? When asked the question: if you could read peoples minds, but had to hear all of their thoughts, would you? Many people would say no to this because they would fear to hear what people really thought of them. I can't say that I disagree or don't see logic in that argument. Do you think that people should be honest with each other all the time (i.e- you need to lose weight, you have coffee breath, I think your ass looks hot in that skirt shawtee BOOTS WIT DA FUR)? I find that a balance is best. If you are asked directly about something, try to be as honest as possible. Don't go out of your way to point out negative aspects of what people do or who people are unless it affects you or your work directly. Being honest will help you in whatever you do and will help you be happier with yourself. What is your theory?

Epic song:

Scroll down to "We Took Pelham." Sound familiar? IMO great song to work out to/get pumped up. Possible song for a new team Initial CS movie?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Initial Update

My heart's beatin, my heart's beatin, my hands are shakin, my hands are shakin, but im still shootin and im still gettin headshots its like BOOM HEADSHOT!

A good segway I think to the post concerning Initial's first night of competitive action in years. The first match was a 2v2 on Nuke, that is still very difficult for me to think about. Me and Xep started off on T against a team that pretty much specialized on Nuke (they were like 6-0 on the map in various ladders), and got off to a rocky 11-4 1st half deficit. We fought back in the 2nd half where we were leading 8-2 at one point, but just couldn't hold it together and lost 16-14. Needless to say, the shooting is a little rusty. This team will be faced again however, with a much different outcome when it happens.

The next match saw us facing off on a 3v3 on mill. Term was called home from the H-Town bars to join what proved to be an epic match. We lost the first half 7-8 (as T's), and rallied back in the 2nd to win the 2nd half (8-7). This led to a 8 rd overtime, which we were able to win 6-2. I think all 3 of us can agree the game isn't quite near its peak, but the clutch play still proved to be there.

So to add a little humor to my first post on boski's blog, I just had a customer come to our recreation office window (i very rarely have to deal with the front desk, and of course when I do I get nutjobs). Long story short, this guy asks me if we can offer a class in the fall for teaching how to construct wells. I assumed he had to mean something other than a literal WATER WELL but to my astonishment, this is what he meant. I said well sir we dont necessarily have an area to teach this class, to which he gave me some ridiculous explanation. I said well I don't think this class would fill up and besides, our fall schedule has already been submitted (not really but this proposal wasn't worth our time). He took offensive to this apparently and proceeded to tell me all of the benefits that having a well can provide to the community and to the environment. He asked me what programs I was in charge of to which I named him all of my sports programs, and he said....I'm pretty sure this is an exact quote, "Those kids would be much better served in their rise to adulthood if they knew the benefits of wells and saving drain water". He pretty much left after this, and I have spent the rest of my day telling everyone in the office about this guy. This really is just a taste of the various nutjobs up here in Maryland tho, so I probably will have more stories to come

Monday, July 21, 2008

"Finding God"

When I first started working for this company I had a supervisor who was one of the nicest guys I've ever met. Upon several conversations I guess he had some run-ins with the law and almost got some serious time. He said after that he started reading the bible and actually had a copy of his arrest warrant from that night in it to remind him of where he was and how long he had come. Thats all fine and dandy but then, years later this guy shot someone at work in the back. The other guy was walking away from him. Found God huh? And did god tell you to shoot him? I bring this up because we at work recently got a letter from another ex employee. She was a "work friend" of mine..pretty much because she was my age and we could talk about stuff that well the older people around here just wouldn't get. She was from what I understood a bit wild outside of work. Well she walked out on the job a while ago but she still had an account with us for some merchandise she purchased. Well she had missed like the last 4 payments so our collections dept. started calling her. Her mother told us she was in jail and was awaiting her sentencing. We looked her up in the city court website her is her list of charges: Possession of Marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of heroin with intent to distribute, and possession of a firearm. All I got to say to that is WOW. At this time she was with this married guy who she was "in love with". So we get a letter from her, she got 35 years, with 30 suspended, so shes only got to serve 5 years barring she doesn't fuck up in prison. In her letter she stated that she found god and that now she is devoting her life to him. Shes still with her love although she did not say how much time he got as he was involved as well. She said she is going to get her G.E.D. in prison and really turn her life around. Again this was gods way as she might have ended up dead. Now without me going of on a tangent of my beliefs as I'm sorry to say you're not going to find god. But why the fuck does everyone go and look for him when they get in trouble with the law??? You think god is going to change your sentencing? You think god is going to protect your ass from Nasty Nate in the pen? No hes not, and odds are when you come out you are going to be just as fucked up as you are now.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boski on the 6+5 rule and random fact on Cocktail

So more and more debate is going forward on the 6+5 rule. For those of you unfamiliar with the rule being proposed it is that a professional soccer team must start 6 players eligible for that country's national team at the beginning of the game and start a max of 5 foreign based players. Now subs are completely open. What that means is that if Ajax was playing, 6 of their starting 11 must be Dutch. If Man Utd. was playing 6 of their players must be English. What does Boski say...this is Bullshit. Certain teams are in favor of it (those who have a high number of domestic players in it) and obviously teams like Arsenal who only have one English player on the roster are against it. Many Italian teams are for it because their players tend to play in their Domestic league...probably because they couldn't cut it in any other major league. If your club is big enough and good enough to attract the best talent around the world then why wouldn't they. It doesn't hold back National team progression....hell if all the US players stayed in the MLS the National team would be shit. Think of McBride, Reyna, Harkes, almost all of our Goalies...if they stayed in the MLS would they have developed into the players they are and were? NO! Boski votes NO on the 6+5 rule. On a side note I was watching Cocktail the other day and noticed something strange, they work at fucking T.G.I. Fridays.....I never knew Fridays was such a cool hangout place to go for drinks! I really wonder how much they payed for product placement there.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I've notice a growing problem in my area, this may not affect some of the loyal readers of this blog (whom live elsewhere) but I thought it was worth a post. Now I'm not referring to homeless people asking for money, I understand that certain readers who live in bigger citys have these problems, but in my area there is something stranger...and dare I say more problematic. This is regarding people who sit on street corners, busy intersections, etc. and ask for "donations". This goes from Firemen asking money for "Jerry's Kids" to kids basketball teams and churchs asking for donations. What happened to actually working to raise money? If your church wants to go on a trip, if you want to raise money for you basketball team's jersey then fucking go out there and do a car wash, sell candy bars, fucking something. This bullshit of just sitting out on the corner and asking for It gets worse when they actually come and basically harass you for your money. I had a little girl come up to my window (keep in mind it was closed and I was not making eye contact) and start knocking on it. OK I could hear you a mile away, you are weaving in and out of traffic, if I don't roll my window down and acknowledge you leave me the fuck alone, no I do not want to donate to whatever it is you are doing...probably not even raising money for any "charity". The city kicks homeless people out of public areas for doing this same act...why aren't they removing these people? Again I have no problem with people doing a carwash, they are at lease offering a service, they are WORKING for the money. The problem is the people of this country are getting lazy, and the fact that they are now just asking for money it bullshit...what is this teaching our youth?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Poll Question 1: Best American Soccer Player

So as things have been going slow lately for the Boski I thought I would pose a question that would open up some debate. Who is the best American soccer player? Now the criteria to consider is obviously playing ability, attitude, and really what they have done to help progress American soccer. I'll list a few and feel free to inject your opinion or anyone else who I might have left out. A few that come to mind:

John Harkes
Alexi Lalas
Eric Wynalda
Eddie Pope
Freddie Adu
Mia Hamm
Briana Scurry
Cobi Jones
Tab Ramos
Brian McBride
Kasey Keller
Brad Friedel

To me it is a tough Choice, I would say Brian McBride as he has done the best in showing the world that Americans can play. He has done so for Country and in the English Premiere league. All of our goalkeepers are incredible and I would have to say the US produces some of the very best. Off the fields would that be Alexi? He certainly was not a good player, but his appearance made him a star and he has done things good after he has retired (including bringing Becks to us as he is now the GM of the Galaxy). So I ask you bloggers...what say ye?

*note* Boski will be posting the OGL results on this page...could this lead to the resurgence of Team Initial?? Stay tuned boys and girls.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

E - Whoring

So as mentioned in an earlier post my supervisor is doing some form of online meeting of guys in the area. This story has turned into a saga and it must be told, basically because it is fucking nuts. So as for mentioned she went on my space and just searched for some single guys in the area. While I don't think the Internet is the best place to find someone, I may just be behind the times, I hoped she found someone for her sake she is a nice person. So she finds this guy and they begin to chat through IM and email. Basically he says he is a widower and his wife died 5 or 6 years ago. He said she was killed in a car crash, which seems sad at first but after this I question whether it was set up by him, or even if that is true. He talked through IM with a weird accent and said he was something like middle European. I read some of the transcripts and he calls her "baby". I mean every other line was like ok baby, yes baby, don't say that baby. He then said they (him and his wife) had two kids together and they are both in school at Oxford....yes thats right, OXFORD, both of them. Right about now I'm calling B.S. He said he was a civil engineer. OK, maybe hes got money and the kids are prodigies....He then went on to say his wife was from Liberia and that was his favorite country and that he lived there for some 6 years from 2000 to 2006. I said to my supervisor um Liberia is like a war torn 3rd world country who had a civil war in the early 2000s. I said they also were a major exporter of conflict diamonds. She was like what? I said um did you ever see Blood Diamond. She said no. I said before you continue talking to this guy watch that movie. I said this guy is probably exporting diamonds right now and turning kids into soldiers while cutting off their parent's hands. She didn't get anything that I was saying. So then he goes on to tell her that he is missing around $450,000 out of his account. OK first off this guy is fucking with you. And second he seemed like it was not that big of a deal...your bank must be deep if you don't care about $450k....shit if $4.50 is out of my account I want someones ass. He tells her everything will be ok because he is going to Denmark to lock down a $31 million dollar job. I said ok hes going to sell some more blood rocks. So he calls her from "Denmark" she said it came up with a weird number on her phone but he also said he was calling through the computer. I said oh he was using Skype or something like that. Can anyone confirm that if you use Skype from the states it still comes up with a weird number? I'm not to familiar with it so any readers input would be appreciative. So I told her, he is going to ask for money...she said I don't think he is going to try a scam. I said watch. So while over in "Denmark" he said it is going to cost $32k in legal fees to get the deal done....ok maybe the fees would be that much for a large deal like this. He tells her he only has $26k but is working on getting the rest. A few days later what does he do...asks her if she has any extra cash. She said um no I have a family to take care of and have no extra cash. I'm glad she stayed strong, the guy said ok I understand but can you do me a favor. And she asked well what is the favor. He asked her if she would go and cash a check at a bank for a "client" of his. She terminated the conversation there. This shit is fucking nuts...she said she was not going to talk to him anymore but I've seen her IMing him so more updates on this story as it progressive. Lesson: find people the old fashion way, by going out!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

NC drivers, roads, Police, and why Staboski is the best driver

So as most know Boski was on vacation last week down in Emerald Isle, NC. Which is in the southern part of the Outer Banks. It was lovely but let me tell NC road system, and everything associated with it, is weird. None of them can drive for shit. Most of them either drive to slow, or drive like they've been downing some of Grandpa's cough medicine.

The roads are terrible. They aren't lit for shit, and the markings are faded. Pot holes everywhere. If teh Boz wasn't so leet sauce at driving it could have been a problem. Now the police in NC are sneaky. Not like VA cops who overwhelm you with sheer numbers. No the NC cops use various unmarked cars. Dodge Intrepids, Dodge SUVs, all unmarked. Also on the island, I noticed many cops cars just parked, nobody inside , in locations where you would think they would be running radar in an effort to scare people. Fuckers didn't catch me.

So we decided to come home on Saturday night around 8pm. I looked at the sky and that fucker looked ominous. I said "I got a bad feeling about this." Well we get into the shit and this storm could have probably spawned a few F5 tornadoes. It was right out of a scene from Twister. Floods, power outages in these small hick towns, and this lasted the entire trip. Did we stop...fuck no. And thats because even in the blinding rain Boski feels the road. Plus the fact that stopping in one of these small towns will lead to being raped by some big fucker with 7 teeth. Boski made it home just 15 minutes more than his best time (*note* best time: 3 hours 58 minutes), all while averaging 26mpg...a personal best.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates. Boski has been on vacation/working/actually going out. Look for tomorrow morning for an update.