Friday, October 31, 2008

Survivor Update

What a crazy episode....

So what do you guys think of Sugar voting off Ace? I thought it was pretty stupid on her part, seeing that now she doesn't have anyone to back her up and power now shifts to Kenny and SuperNig. But you gotta give at least a little props to Kenny for persuading her to get rid of Ace...seemed like an impossible task to me. Now it's inevitable that they will try to vote Sugar off next week, but since she has the idol it should be very interesting to see what goes down. My guess is that she teams up with Matty and they vote Crystal off, leaving Kenny on his own.

Overall though, I don't think it matters much for anyone in that tribe b/c they will all be dead once the merge happens. Pretty much I think the game is Marcus' to lose. He has 3 very good things going for him 1) He is in a good alliance with 3 others; 2) he has a butt buddy in the gay dude Charlie who will do anything for him 3) He is physically dominant and will start beasting the individual challenges once it gets to that point.

Some random thoughts....
-Other than her idiotic move today, I like Sugar....she is pretty bangin (and the only girl worth looking at that's left)....even though I know others do not agree.
-If somehow Charlie wins this game, there must be some kind of advantage to gay dudes....
-WTF is up with Bob crying so much when they got letters? so pathetic they hadn't even been gone for 3 weeks yet!!!!!
-I'm submitting a video to be a contestant next Survivor.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Maradona to coach Argentina's national team. I don't really agree with the decision b/c he'll probably get everyone on the team coked up.


Friday, October 24, 2008

One reason to stay out of Australia

Just thought this was crazy and worth showing. 100% real....


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beckham to AC Milan...WTF?

Thats right folks, it looks like Beckham is heading back to Europe....but only on a loan move. Since the Galaxy are out of the playoffs for like the 3rd year in a row his season is over. Well this move is according to Becks to keep him fit to play for England. I'm loling as I type that. Becks is 33 years old, the last 4 times hes played for England hes come on as a sub and played a total of 29 minutes. News flash to David, you aren't needed on the England team anymore. Look don't get me wrong he is still a good player. But a England national team member he is not. Theo Walcott at the ripe old age of 19 is the new face of the right hand side of England now. He doesn't have Becks vision, or ability to put a ball on a dime, but hes got so much more. The ability to attack players, hes got tons of pace, and when he goes at you hes going to beat you. Hes got good close range passing and general knowledge of the game that is hard to find at that age. And the guy is not afraid to shoot. And why Milan David? That sounds like its being dictated by Posh to me. If it was really about getting in with England he wold be playing in the EPL where the England head coach (Fabio Capello) goes every weekend to watch multiple games to check on how the players are playing. I don't see him missing a entire weekend of where 99.9% of his players are playing in England to fly to Milan to watch Becks play. And wtf is up with AC milan, is the home for old players who don't want to to to the MLS? The average age of team is like 34 I think...thats no lie. Maldini is fucking 40. Dida, Maldidn, Nesta, Zambrotta, Ambrosini, Emerson, Gattuso, Seedorf, Inzaghi, Sheva, all over 30 and most 33+.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

High Speed Rail???

With oil prices always in limbo, and raw materials, operating cost, etc. going through the roof long distance travel is becoming increasingly more expensive. Some of you jet setters have really felt the hit. Tickets are astronomical now for air travel and finding flights at decent times is becoming harder and harder. Even travelling by road is becoming costly. Enter the High Speed Rail. Common place in Europe and Asia its a form of transportation that could really help the US out. We fucked up in the early 60s and 70s when we decided to switch from rail travel to building these huge highways and building tons of airports. Well the rail business has seen a big increase in regard to shipping lately but has seen only marginal growth in passengers. The problem is speed, you can't beat the speed that air travel offers.

The only "High Speed Rail" in the US is the Amatrak Acela Express which runs from DC to Baltimore, Philly, NJ, NY City, and Boston. It has a special tilt design that makes the train tilt going around the tight turns found in the US. Its highest speed reached on the run is 150mph, which is quick, however it only runs this speed on certain portions of the route and really averages around 90mph on most of the route. High speed rails require three important things that is not common place in US tracks. The first is power, High Speed Rails run on electricity from overhead wires. Its in place on the Acela Express track and this is easy enough to retrofit. The next is continuous rail. If you've ever walked on RR tracks you notice that they are in sections and there is a space left for expansion/contraction. This produces the common click clack associated with most trains. This also leads to a uncomfortable/dangerous ride when going over 150+mph. Thats solved easily as the tracks in Europe are just welded together. The other issue as mentioned before is turning. Not so much as a safety reason as it is difficult for these trains to fly off the track but more for comfort on the passengers. Imagine going 175mph and taking a hard left hand banking turn. Not good for older passengers. The trains in Europe run around at +150mph. Some in Asia hit 210+mph on certain stretches of the route. This is where we need to be, a constant speed of 150+ would really add another true travel option. These expenses/redesign cost would be negligible. I feel there is a bigger problem if we were to build this.

The problem is our current mass transit system in most cities. In DC, NY City, Boston, Etc. they have good mass transit already established. Taking High Speed Rail else where to other "big cities" that are not capable could prove to be less effective. The traveler would have to ride a train into the city and rent a car or rely on a bus/taxi system. An example would be Phoenix (which they are actually suppose to open up their first phase of their light rail system this year). I still think this is something that should be explored more than what it is being now. I also plan to follow up this post with my thoughts on a light rail (which is currently being constructed in Downtown Norfolk) and maglev technology (which as seen at ODU does not always turn out how it is suppose to) but shows promise over in Japan/China where testing has shown these trains can average well over 300mph.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Survivor 3

I'll go ahead and post my quick thought having just watched the end of Survivor. Midway through the episode I was pretty content to turn it off because this is the kind of episode that typically happens that makes me hate the show. I'm not a fan of the random mixing of tribes cause it always seems to allow the weak nubs a second chance, just like this episode did. The Fang tribe pretty much got even weaker if thats possible, keeping GC, Ken (who is one of my most hated in the game after this episode now), and the black girl....while adding the worst player in the game Kelly.

I thought the immunity challenge was a pretty sweet challenge. However, the performance of all but about 3 people was disgusting to me. I wasn't really a fan of the Markus dude, but he completely dominated the challenge. Randy was pretty solild too, with a hat trick. The real keys to the challenge were how pathetic Ken, black "olympic champ" girl, Kelly, and GC were. No surprise these nubs banded together and voted off Jacquie (who wasnt as hot as i thought, no one on this show i would call hot). I wasn't too mad tho, I feared Ace would go after they lost, so im glad hes still there cause hes actually probably one of my faves at this point

Last observation....GC who was probably my least favorite along with Kelly heading into this episode, gained at least a little respect with me for saying they needed to peace out Kelly cause she is awful. Didnt happen obviously, but at least he actually tried it. Ken and Kelly as mentioned are my least faves. Ken has basically ruined any rep a gamer can have. He is a tool, he is physically pathetic, and his nub comments about girls being hot are sad.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Survivor- Week 2 (spoiler)

I finally had the opportunity to watch Survivor yesterday and it didn't disappoint. The show started off with a challenge for blankets, pillows, etc. I took a leave of absence from Survivor for a while, but I'd have to rank the first challenge as top 3 all time as far as entertainment goes (reminds me of the challenge seasons ago when they were playing a pseudo version of smear the queer). Anyways, the object of this challenge was to gank the opponent off a pole and drag them past a finish line about 20 or so yards away (2 v 1). Surprisingly, Fang won their first challenge and got the prizes (as well as sending Sugar to the island). The challenge for immunity ended the same way (with Fang winning). In result, Paloma was voted off.

Thoughts/reflections: Surprisingly, no one has jumped out to me as being super annoying. A lot of people may not like Ace, but so far he hasn't done anything to tick me off. My favorite characters at the moment are Randy and Ken (video gamer), who by the way pretty much single-handedly beat the other tribe to win immunity. As for hottest girls, Paloma wasn't as hot as I originally thought, but I did have my eye on that petite body of hers. I forgot who mentioned it before, but Jacquie is now top of the list. She doesn't get my camera time, but hopefully I'll be able to make a better assessment next week.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

From coaching New River United to the head scout of Chelsea FC

When I coached the U-17 team in Blacksburg, it was because the coach at the time, Michael Emenalo, was helping scout players in Africa. He was the head coach of the Blacksburg team, but I was filling in as the temp while he traveled. Anyways, even though I was a coach, I was still learning a lot about soccer because Michael was such a good coach just knew he was going to go places. We worked together for 1 season coaching the local U-17 select team.

I heard rumors that he was now working for the EPL team Chelsea, so I decided to peep their site to find out what he did. And to my surprise he is the head scout at Chelsea now...pretty cool huh?

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