Wednesday, October 1, 2008

From coaching New River United to the head scout of Chelsea FC

When I coached the U-17 team in Blacksburg, it was because the coach at the time, Michael Emenalo, was helping scout players in Africa. He was the head coach of the Blacksburg team, but I was filling in as the temp while he traveled. Anyways, even though I was a coach, I was still learning a lot about soccer because Michael was such a good coach just knew he was going to go places. We worked together for 1 season coaching the local U-17 select team.

I heard rumors that he was now working for the EPL team Chelsea, so I decided to peep their site to find out what he did. And to my surprise he is the head scout at Chelsea now...pretty cool huh?

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Staboski said...

So what does mean for Boon??? Future talent scout for the Washington Warthogs!---I really only think Term and Prime will get this joke. BTW HAPPY B-DAY TERM!!!!

Prime said...

get that dude to send you some memoribilia or some jerseys or somethin