Friday, September 26, 2008

Survivor- Week 1

Good morning! Since I know most of you are Survivor watchers, I'll try to write a little blurb on Friday mornings about the previous night's show and of course, chime in your opinions. First I'd like to comment that it was a 2 hour premier and I had no idea. I watched the first hour and someone got voted off so then switched to The Office. After The Office, I was flipping back through the channels and caught the tail end of the second episode, so hopefully Boski can fill us in on what happened.

The show's 2 teams are Kota and Fang (even though it sounds like Thong every time Jeff says it). From what I saw, Kota is 100 times better than Fang. Fang lost the first 2 challenges and are already down 2 people. My beef with Fang is that they are morons. They vote off their strongest girl after the first tribal council which is a joke. Girls good at the challenges are hard to come by, and they decide to vote off the best one because of her attitude....give me a break. The first girl off the island's name was Michelle. She was a bad ass and I was really mad to see her go. As she left, she was quoted by saying "I'm not really surprised. Losers stick together. Fat people stick together. They decided to keep Gillian, who's like a hundred and five, and to vote me, who's twenty-four and completely fit. I mean they're all idiots. They're all voting off the strongest member, so it's going to be interesting to see what happens. Very interesting." Of course, the next person to go was Gillian, the 60 year old annoying as fuck nurse....hallelujah!

Sorry this post is so long, I promise future ones will not be this bad....and I'm sure half of you stopped reading already. I just want to point out one more thing- the hot (or potentially hot) chicks. It's still early, so I haven't found my true favorite and I could be off base with some of these girls, but this is off first impressions so no bashing. There is Corrine, Jacquie, Sugar (borderline ugly), Kelly, and Paloma. As the shows go on, I'll probably knock some of these chicks off the list but as of right now, Paloma is the hottest and my favorite....mmm that caramel skin yum. Michelle was kind of hot, in her own bitchy way, but as I said before she is already gone. RIP


Staboski said...

I actually only watched the first 45minutes of it. I had to leave my parents house because I'm still getting the boys used to their school hours. I get home to find out the power was out in my hood so of course they didn't record. I'll have to watch them at my mom's house for me to fully comment. But Nate just to give you a heads up I think Paloma is big into religion. It will be interesting if she starts to go all Jesus on the show....but she is cute.

term said...


1) I think Jacquie is the hottest atm.

2) I think if Michelle didn't deserve to be there because she was flat out horrible at the game. I don't care how physically better you are, you obviously cannot just go out bashing everyone non-stop and expect to stay. THAT is actually moronic to think she can just bitch at everyone and not get voted off. Not to mention, I NEVER saw her do anything at camp except complain about how cold she was. But I guess no one else did anything else.

Regardless of that, I agree Gillian should have been first to go because she was horrid on all fronts. And WTF was the deal with almost voting out Dan (I think you missed this Nate). He went to exile and people were convinced he had the idol. Too bad the dude didn't even come close.

Side question but same topic: After watching, there was an obvious need for leadership in Fang. I think GC quiting as leader was one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen a man do in my life, although he doesn't seem to bad as what I'd like to call middle class tribe member. So the question is, would you step up to be the leader in that tribe or just lay low and try to sneak through?

I think I would try to lead, but that is me talking on a computer, not sitting in the middle of Africa competing for a million.

Prime said...

i was traveling home for the doors in probably the worst 95 traffic ive been in since being up in dc, so i completely missed survivor and the office.

is it possible to watch either of these online? im guessing no on survivor

nyphon said...

you can watch survivor on i think

pex said... has most tv shows, episodes are added pretty quick too. I was able to watch entourage like an hour after it aired

Prime said...

just watched the survivor episodes...ill give my brief thoughts

1 - the two people that went were def the two people that should have went. Gillian was horrible, and michelle was just stupid. obviously you cant rip your tribe heading into the first tribal and expect to stay

2 - that black girl was an olympic track champion? must have been on some serious roids....cause she was dead last getting up the hill

3 - i dont really find any of the girls hit honestly. jacquie would prob be the best, but i dont consider her anywhere near the "hottest girl" on previous episodes.

4 - gc stepping down was pretty weak, but it was stupid how he got selected anyway. that team is god awful, so he would eventually get voted out if he really tried to lead, cause they will lose constantly and eventually blame "the leader"

5 - really unimpressed so far with the cast in general. nobody stands out as someone im rooting for. the guy from maine i guess seems fairly cool, and the dude with the hawaiian shirt has made a few funny comments, but other than that not very impressed. the gay dude and his man-crush are about the cheesiest survivor pair ever, i wanted to puke during their convos

6 - what is with so many dudes rockin like briefs and borderline speedos. kinda fuckin repulsing honestly, the dudes shorts are shorter than the chicks