Friday, September 25, 2009


So not really a blog post, just figured this was the easiest way to update everyone without everyone finding out from the rumor mill or having to tell everyone indivudually down the road. But Prime is now single....not really any juicy details other then she just became more into her new dc life and grad student friends (aka total douches). No inspriring comments needed, unless you know a hot chic who I could bang

On another note, I just put $150 down on VT +3, my first real money sports bet since VT crippled my bank account twice last season when I picked them. Is this a retarted move? I feel like Miami is playing over their heads, and VT getting points at home is tough to pass up, but everyone seems to picking MIA so idk

Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Team Initial has been challenged to a duel

In our fantasy EPL league we've been challenged. As you know we are in our own "mini league" of Team Initial. So not only are our fantasy teams going up against everyone who has a team but we are also competing against ourselves. Well our "mini league" has been challenged by another. The team is called 1912 Swim Team (I have no idea what that references) and basically its which mini league scores the most points per week. I just wanted to let everyone know so we all can elevate our game (CALLING BOON!).

Sunday, September 13, 2009

boon's return to soccer begins today

after a 2 year hiatus, boon returns to 7 v 7 co-ed soccer. i'll let you know how many goals i score upon my return.