Friday, October 23, 2009

Ghost of Kempsville past

So I received a text 3 days ago from chris mann asking what i've been up to. I haven't talked to him in like 5 years and know he would only text me for something, so i didn't respond. Anyways, i call Sal b/c he always has the scoop on kville peeps and he gives me the low-down on chris' story. Needless to say, Sal said chris is in trouble and will prob go to jail due to writing bad checks (sal got a call from a collection agency asking about chris and telling him that b/c sal was put down as a reference). Since Chris is so sketchy, I do not respond to his text.

Yesterday rolls around and I get another text. Out of pure humor, I decide to respond b/c I'm so curoius to see what he has to say. Word for word transcript:

Chris: Yo man u around?
Me: I don't live in va
Chris: haha I know what u been up to man
Me: Just working a bunch, u?
Chris: Got a question for u out of the blue
Me: ?
Chris: Well kinda need a favor. i moved into Pat's (sal's old roommate) and came up 300 short on rent, i am desperate and need a short term loan, any chance u could wire me the money and i will wire it right back friday next week with my 1st paycheck i just have nowhere else to go and cant lose my place i will have it right back friday i swear man i know this is out of nowhere but im desperate man.

This was yesterday and i still haven't responded. And I don't plan to either unless I decide to rip him a new ass hole. There are a few flaws in his story:
1) Rent is only like $350 or $400 a month, so when he says "i'm 300 short" it makes it seem as if he actually paid something of relevance. Instead, I'd be paying his entire rent.
2) Sal told me that Chris wrote Pat a check last week for rent and it never bounced. So that means Chris wants $300, and it's not for rent purposes.
3) Sal said Chris does not have a job. So what is this mythical "1st paycheck next Friday" shit?

In conclusion, I never even considered "loaning" him the money because I know I'd never see it again. In fact, I wasn't even going to ever respond to his random text in the first place b/c I knew he'd ask me for something. But the fact that he blatantly lied to me several times in the same text, makes me so mad that I want to send him a text calling him out on all of this bullshit. The only reason I don't is because it puts Sal under the spotlight when he shouldn't even be involved. Before writing this blog entry I wasn't that mad, but now I'm getting more and more POed by the second and want to let him know why he is such a dumb fuck. Who does he think he is? He can't pull one by the ol' ba ba ba ba booooooooon.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Costume?(Epic outfit build)

So not sure if peeps are going out to Halloween parties this year, just curious on what you guys are going to be if you do dress up. Me and the wife are thinking about going as John and Kate (all I need is a Ed Hardy T-Shirt, a fake ear ring, and backwards hat). As it stands now Jack is going to be a doctor (pex you've got some comp) and Coop is going to be James from Thomas and Friends (a.k.a. a red train). But of course that is subject to change. Anybody have any ideas on good get-ups for this year? I was posting in one of my forum websites I go to and came across this build. It wasn't for Halloween but was for one of those Comic-con things. Its a character from a game called Bioshock. Having not played a video game (excluding CS) in about 6 years I had to look this game up but I guess it was pretty leet. Anyway I didn't know anything about this game or this character but I found the build to be incredible. Peep it:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vegas Trip

Anyone interested in a weekend Vegas trip end of year/early 2010? It is either that or I am making my DC trip that I keep pushing off.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So I was reading on GotFrag (don't laugh)

I just find this interesting. So I was bored and said hmm let me check out Gotfrag. I haven't looked in like 2 or 3 years so I figured i'd see whats new. Well nothing. In fact it seems like 1.6 hasn't changed much at all. They were saying that one of the reason why the game has gotten so stale is because of the maps. It seems like they are really only playing 4 maps now: Train, Nuke, Inferno, and Dust2. All other maps have really been dropped. I saw somewhere that Mill was still played in some tournaments and a new map called lite. The article I read said that the reason why the new maps get shot down is because they come out with a new map. The good guys will play it, don't have any strats on it, get beat by lesser teams and deem the map not good and the rest of the community follows along. I remember back in the day they had enough maps that made it interesting. What about Aztec? Prodigy? 3rd route? Cbble? They did say that Fire goes and then comes back and then goes away again. Can nobody design a decent map? I mean theoretically if Team Initial decided to get back into it we would only need to get our aim back because the maps are the same. I mean I'm not sure how many new strats have emerged over the past 4+ years but I can't imagine its anything that we haven't seen before in some variation. I mean all the strats/spots had been found when we were still playing. It was a good read, it was also interesting to see who is still playing..some of these guys have got to be my age or older and still playing.