Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Does sex sell? (any random observations from today)

So this weekend me and the boys went up to Tropical Smoothie to grab some lunch. I see approaching the place that there is someone set up out front with a table, it looks like they are selling something. I get up close and see its for D.A.R.E. Manning this table is 2 extremely attractive girls. WTF are they doing at a DARE table? Does DARE need me to purchase their board game to help keep kids off of drugs so bad they had to resort to hotties? I'm not complaining too much. The one chick had this strapless summer dress on with cleavage hanging out. Trying to lure me in with that ain't working, but they did nab many of other younger guys. This issue also came up last week when I was talking about document destruction. Every year we do a purge of old files that need to be destroyed. I was talking to one guy who we do are recycling program with who also offers shredding. I told him we had got a quote from another company and it somehow came up that their representative was a girl. He says "was she good looking?" Now she was ok, but he was saying how they also have a talk about sending girls out there and how a woman will outsell a man any day. I know I may visit issue more than most as 1. My company is a retail company and 2. I am often sold everyday by various reps for various things. As we are currently looking at purchasing some new copiers I've had a few of them in recently, all were cute and seemed like they were flirting with Boski to try to get the sale (either that or they were impressed by bod). So my question is do you think sex sells? Are you persuaded to purchase something from a good looking girl? Do you think it could back fire? Being hot in the furniture business is normally not a good thing. Most of the time you have couples purchasing furniture together and you don't want a wife/girl friend/etc. getting jealous over your man checking out the hot sales girl. What you want is a cute girl, enough to get the guy interested in her but cool enough that the girls are comfortable with her. Is it harder to tell someone who is hot that no I don't want to get the insurance plan on my new DVD player. What if shes got a crazy hot ass?

On a random note, last week while driving to work I see this girl (i think it was a girl, either that or a really scrawny, short dude) carrying a case, yes a case of natty light down the road. This was in some sketch apartment area and this person basically was like a poster child for trailer trash. Keep in mind this is at 7:45am. Well today I see the same person, and another case of natty light. She (or he) clutches this thing to their chest, holding it with both arms like its gonna fly away, the fucking case is almost as big as this person. The shit just makes me laugh, 730 in the morning and a case of natty just don't mix.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Give Prime advice on his 3 major purchases

So I'm looking at three major purchases in the near future, figured I'd see what you guys thought or if maybe you knew of some sweet deals or something....

Laptop - This is the main one I am looking for advice on, and would like to purchase relatively soon. Since CS I pretty much have no clue who are the top comp. companies now and what to get, etc. Basically I'm not looking for anything special....I don't see myself doing a whole lot of gaming so I don't need intense specs in that category, and I really don't use the comp for much other than looking at sports scores at night anymore so I think I could get away with a relatively low price comp. At the same time, I would like the think to be relatively quality as far as just general loading speed, and I do watch movies from time to time so I wouldn't want something that had zero graphics capability. Also, do you guys think its better to order a comp, or actually like go to best buy and get one. Top brands? Specs to look for? Fill me in

Car - Definetly would like to get a car this year for a number of reasons, 1) being i dont technically have one as the rodeo im currently driving is really my parents., 2) this seems like the time to buy and I think you get the sales tax back on any car purchased before november (ill need to research that to be sure). I'm 99% sure that I do not want to eventually get a place in williamsburg, so the biggest feature ill be looking for is gas mileage and a car that can handle a lot of miles. I was pretty much set on getting a civic hybrid, but after doing some research it seems like the prius may be better at the same price (except for the repuation of the prius as a homo car but whatev). Don't know if you guys know anything about those two, or any other options i should check out

Condo- After seeing how ridiculous high rent is when you rby yourself, and how cheap condos are going for right now, I think I'm leaning towards getting a condo/townhouse over an apt. For instance, condos in cypress are going for like 175k.... which by my calculation would be around a 1000-1200 monthly payment, which isnt that much higher than getting a nicer apt. This purchase isn't quite as definite as the others, but I have been looking around as I don't think I can last at home much longer without losing my mind. Don't really think theres advice to give on this one unless you know a sweet real estate person to hook me up with, but figured I'd throw that in there anyway

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Survivor Opinion

So I heard on the radio this morning that Survivor will be in Baltimore this Sat. for casting. There will be cameras set up and you do a 2 minute speech on why you want to be in the show. Is it worth the shot haha? Also, I figure if I did do it, I'd have to do something weird to stand out, any suggestions??