Thursday, April 9, 2009

Survivor Opinion

So I heard on the radio this morning that Survivor will be in Baltimore this Sat. for casting. There will be cameras set up and you do a 2 minute speech on why you want to be in the show. Is it worth the shot haha? Also, I figure if I did do it, I'd have to do something weird to stand out, any suggestions??


Staboski said...

Man you should totally go. I mean they always pick a guy like you. Good education, good job, young, etc. Plus you're a tall skinny fuck. You should start off with your background and be all serious and then transition into I like to go out and party yada yada and then break right into veloci-nathan.

Staboski said...

Hey Boon, you end up going?

nyphon said...

nope, i got cold feet. Supposedly it was raining and the amount of people there were through the roof.