Monday, March 30, 2009

Sonic Boom? Meteor? Aurora Spy Plane? Aliens? Predators?

I'm not sure how many of you felt or saw this. Obviously our out of area peeps probably don't even know this happened. Let me tell you my experience with it. Around 10pm lastnight Boski was in bed trying to sleep and heard and felt a loud BOOM. It made the house shake. The wife says to me "what the fuck was that?" I said I'm not sure it felt like a sonic boom. Now just for the record Boski has felt a Sonic Boom. When I was a kid NASA was flying an SR-71 Blackbird off of the coast for some research experiment and it was flying faster than sound at a range where the sonic boom was felt in the area. So she says "A sonic boom? What are aliens landing? It wasn't a sonic boom something hit the house." I said oookkk. I walked outside and saw nothing, no car, no branch, nothing. So I check out the news and lots of people in the area felt it. Many saw something. I talked to our HR manager and he was out by his pool hanging out and saw a fire ball of light go streaking by, which was confirmed by many other eye witnesses. So what was it? As they are stating now there were no storms in the area, and NASA, the Navy, and Air Force report no unusual activity. What does Boski think we'll I'm pretty sure it was a Meteor(ite) that probably crashed in the ocean. But since I love conspiracy theories I'm thinking it was some new Government aircraft (checkout Aurora spy plane on wikipedia). Those are my thoughts at least. You can also bring up any local news or paper website to check it out.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Status Updates

This may be a gay post, but the blog has been dead for a while.  Basically I was bored and trying to think of things to post, and I stumbled upon something that I'm actually interested in.  Obviously since most of us live far apart we aren't as close as we used to be, dont talk as much or what have you.  Anyway, how is everyone's life going?  I mean not to be too gay, but like what are you into nowadays.  What are your plans for the near and distant future etc.  Who knows, maybe no one really cares what I'm up to but I am interested in how you guys are doing, so reply or not.

I'll start off.  As of right now I'm a week away from spring break, my last one ever.  I'll be going home for a week (Mar 21-29).  I was considering flying out to Houston for a few days during that time, but I'm not too sure at the moment.  If anyone else was willng to go I'd be much more inclined.  Not that I don't wanna hang out with you Scott, but I need some persuasion at the moment.  I was planning to do something with the girlfriend, but she's having some family issues that I won't get into.

I have my medical board exam coming up June 20th, which is composed of information from my 2 years here at med school.  So pretty much its gonna be a bitch and I need to get cracking on studying for it asap.

On a day to day basis I have lectures, which I usually dont go to unless they are mandatory.  I listen to these lectures at home or somewhere on campus during my own time instead.  We do have mandatory stuff atleast twice a week though.  For example on Tuesdays I see a patient at our clinic and treat him with some manipulative techniques.  Like if they come in with back pain I can treat that, or neck pain or whatever.  Typically when they come back next week they say it helped a lot, so it makes me feel good and somewhat competent.  On Thursdays sometimes I have to go work at random clinics and do various things.  A few weeks back I had to give this 8 year old kid a full physical exam, including genital check etc.

Next year I'll be starting my clinical rotations, so no more lectures.  It'll be as close to the real world that I've gotten so far, pretty much like a job.  I'll be working in a town called Petersburg in WV.  Its in the middle of nowhere so its probably gonna be extremely boring outside of work.  Thinking about it actually depresses me, I need to do something about that.  I do get 2 months of elective rotations and 1 month of break though, so atleast I can look forward to that.  The elective rotations can be done anywhere, I'd like to do it in VB, so I need to find some doctor around there that will let me work with him.  At the moment I'm hoping that Polaks dad will help me out, I need to email him or something.

Anyway, I just wrote stuff as it came to mind, kind of haphazard.  This kind of reminds me of those Christmas cards you get that updates you on peoples family.  Whatever.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Favorite games you played as a kid

Like the title says what were some of your favorite games you played during your childhood? Both early and late. Some of these we will all be able to relate to (pool soccer anyone hell or perfect dark, bond, mario kart?). I'd have to say other than pool soccer one of my favs was soccer golf in the back yard. We would take beach balls, set up lawn chairs, etc. as obstacles and make "holes". We'd have par 3s, 4s, 5s, all based on where the "tee box" was. It was great fun because even with the age difference and physical differences between myself, prime, and term back then it was fair because those beach balls did not respond well to people who could kick harder. What were some you remember?