Friday, March 13, 2009

Status Updates

This may be a gay post, but the blog has been dead for a while.  Basically I was bored and trying to think of things to post, and I stumbled upon something that I'm actually interested in.  Obviously since most of us live far apart we aren't as close as we used to be, dont talk as much or what have you.  Anyway, how is everyone's life going?  I mean not to be too gay, but like what are you into nowadays.  What are your plans for the near and distant future etc.  Who knows, maybe no one really cares what I'm up to but I am interested in how you guys are doing, so reply or not.

I'll start off.  As of right now I'm a week away from spring break, my last one ever.  I'll be going home for a week (Mar 21-29).  I was considering flying out to Houston for a few days during that time, but I'm not too sure at the moment.  If anyone else was willng to go I'd be much more inclined.  Not that I don't wanna hang out with you Scott, but I need some persuasion at the moment.  I was planning to do something with the girlfriend, but she's having some family issues that I won't get into.

I have my medical board exam coming up June 20th, which is composed of information from my 2 years here at med school.  So pretty much its gonna be a bitch and I need to get cracking on studying for it asap.

On a day to day basis I have lectures, which I usually dont go to unless they are mandatory.  I listen to these lectures at home or somewhere on campus during my own time instead.  We do have mandatory stuff atleast twice a week though.  For example on Tuesdays I see a patient at our clinic and treat him with some manipulative techniques.  Like if they come in with back pain I can treat that, or neck pain or whatever.  Typically when they come back next week they say it helped a lot, so it makes me feel good and somewhat competent.  On Thursdays sometimes I have to go work at random clinics and do various things.  A few weeks back I had to give this 8 year old kid a full physical exam, including genital check etc.

Next year I'll be starting my clinical rotations, so no more lectures.  It'll be as close to the real world that I've gotten so far, pretty much like a job.  I'll be working in a town called Petersburg in WV.  Its in the middle of nowhere so its probably gonna be extremely boring outside of work.  Thinking about it actually depresses me, I need to do something about that.  I do get 2 months of elective rotations and 1 month of break though, so atleast I can look forward to that.  The elective rotations can be done anywhere, I'd like to do it in VB, so I need to find some doctor around there that will let me work with him.  At the moment I'm hoping that Polaks dad will help me out, I need to email him or something.

Anyway, I just wrote stuff as it came to mind, kind of haphazard.  This kind of reminds me of those Christmas cards you get that updates you on peoples family.  Whatever.


term said...

The sooner you email Polak's dad the better....aka do it tomorrow.

nyphon said...

good idea pex, especially since i didn't know you had a gf. what's she going to do when you start your rotations and work in petersburg? is she the same grade as you?

as for me, i guess some stuff has been going on. work wise, since i'm in consulting, we offer a bunch of services and solutions, but i've pretty much narrowed my focus on IT Audit. think of IRS auditing (accounting), except i audit companies financially impacting information systems. so if say exxon uses SAP for their GL and payroll functions, that would be in the scope of what i test. my work has nothing to do with accounting, but more around the integrity of data stored and how it is being used/developed in a client's IT environment.

i've gotten to the point where i am the lead on each project i work on. i have staff under me and i am responsible for the final results/deliverables. i am also in charge of presenting these results to VPs, CIOs, CFOs, etc so the pressure can mount over time. especially on fortune 100 clients where they have multi billion dollar revenues.

right now i'm in a transition phase though, pseudo looking for a new job. i actually had a phone interview yesterday with Gannett Co. They own USA Today and over 50 other newspapers, plus over 30 news broadcasting stations throughout the USA. i'd work in their internal audit department as a Senior IT Auditor. since they are so big and account for broadcasting networks around the world, i'd have approx 50% travel. i'd frequent europe, the west coast, and hawaii to lead their IT audits. i have an on-site interview the week of May 30th, so wish me luck.

outside of work i'm pretty much the same boon. i go out on the weekends, with friends i've made in dc, and usually take it easy during the work week. i'm actually moving again June 1 to live with Zaid and another friend.

pex said...

"outside of work i'm pretty much the same boon" that made me laugh for some reason. I kinda knew you were ballin it up already, but not to that extent, good job. I'm guessing the idea of traveling that much is a good thing for you? I think it would be cool for a while but, I'd probably like to settle down eventually.

anyway yea gf's name is jaime and we're both 2nd years. she's gonna be doing rotations like 3.5 hours away. i guess the plan is to visit on the weekends, idk if thats gonna last or not though, we'll see

Prime said...

Prime's Life Breakdown:

Work - Still working in Williamsburg, basically just in charge of their athletic programs (mostly the Youth ones, and I do Adult Softball and some AAU stuff). Job is going much better than MD, not only is it a considerable amount more money, but not even close to being as ghetto. Lately though I've actually been giving serious thought to starting to look at getting into some other field. Not sure if I want to be in Recreation forever. Have considered trying to get a Masters in something like Public Administration, which would help me if I stay where I'm at, but also gives me some room to switch into something else. We'll see tho.

Outside of work: My days during the week are pretty robotic. My general work hours are 9-530 (can be later if my part time people dont show up during games). After 430 though, the rest of the office leaves, and its just me and the other athletic guy, and the part time rec center staff. So pretty much at 430 I go to the gym, and just pray that my cell phone doesn't ring to tell me I need to some back and do something. No cell phone ring by 530-6, I go home. Weekdays I pretty much don't do anything minus the usual Thursdays. I've actually been going out a decent amount on the weekends, hittin up some Norfolk spots with Tista and Shore Dr spots with Bucks and some other people I used to see from CYPT. Weekends usually have one day where I'm up at RMC as well to see Shafer.

Personal - Still dating Shafer.....she will be finding out about her grad school apps soon, so that will be an interesting situation when that happens. She has applied to places as close as DC and NC, and places as far away as Cali, Paris, and Thailand (not a typo).

I would actually be down to go to Houston, my deal though would be that this late I could prob only get 1 day off, so I could go like Sat/Sun/Mon. Not sure if that would be worth it or not, or what terms work schedule even is sooo idk.

Staboski said...

This is actually a really good post...I'm always like I wonder "what pex says". Good to hear everyone is well. As for Boski here goes:

Work: Work is ok. If any of you can believe we had the best month of sales in our 62 year history last month. Yes in the middle of a recession with 2 less stores than we've had before we did 4.6 million in sales (in a month with 28 days no less). We don't really know how, we really don't care how. Boski has been trying to really work on reducing expenses. I think i've posted on how I've got our wastemanagement bill/useage down 40%. I've recently enacted several energy saving ideas that have reduced our power usage by a total of 3% last year and for this year so far we are down 13%. I've also completed the first draft of what will be our safety policy. Its hard to imagine that after all this time we have never had a safety policy in writing, espeically with all the things OSHA requires us to have (lift training, HAZMAT communication, etc.) But again its just OK. I always say I need to find somehting else and I do need to, I just need to get off my ass and hit the pavement, although in this time I'm just thankful I have a job. I do have two Inital Inc. idea floationg around (a new sunglasses line and/or kids clothing line).

As for outside work I'm pretty much not the same old Boski. Its all family all the time. I come home and the first thing I hear is DADDY DADDY DADDY! Which is always good but I sometimes feel like I have nothing that I can call my own. I know that sorta comes with being a dad, and I understand that I am not the "typical" dad in that I want to be involved in my kids lives pretty much all the time, but I have no release. I am around another human being 24/7. The only time I get any Boski time is if everyone falls asleep and I can't. I'll go downstairs and actually let me mind rest. I would love to have something that could be mine. I don't need to be an absent father in a band or anything, but I mean a round of golf once a month on the weekend (even though I suck). Something like that, thats what Boski needs, a release. As for the wife, shes ok as well, but she doesn't understand what Boski needs.

And Pex you should give Mark a call, hes always helped me out when the boys where having their issues. I'm sure if he can't help you he'll hook you up to the right peeps.