Thursday, October 9, 2008

Survivor 3

I'll go ahead and post my quick thought having just watched the end of Survivor. Midway through the episode I was pretty content to turn it off because this is the kind of episode that typically happens that makes me hate the show. I'm not a fan of the random mixing of tribes cause it always seems to allow the weak nubs a second chance, just like this episode did. The Fang tribe pretty much got even weaker if thats possible, keeping GC, Ken (who is one of my most hated in the game after this episode now), and the black girl....while adding the worst player in the game Kelly.

I thought the immunity challenge was a pretty sweet challenge. However, the performance of all but about 3 people was disgusting to me. I wasn't really a fan of the Markus dude, but he completely dominated the challenge. Randy was pretty solild too, with a hat trick. The real keys to the challenge were how pathetic Ken, black "olympic champ" girl, Kelly, and GC were. No surprise these nubs banded together and voted off Jacquie (who wasnt as hot as i thought, no one on this show i would call hot). I wasn't too mad tho, I feared Ace would go after they lost, so im glad hes still there cause hes actually probably one of my faves at this point

Last observation....GC who was probably my least favorite along with Kelly heading into this episode, gained at least a little respect with me for saying they needed to peace out Kelly cause she is awful. Didnt happen obviously, but at least he actually tried it. Ken and Kelly as mentioned are my least faves. Ken has basically ruined any rep a gamer can have. He is a tool, he is physically pathetic, and his nub comments about girls being hot are sad.


Staboski said...

Yep I at first was pulling for Ken, now he needs to go, thats why fool plays smash bros. and not a real game. I can't understand how an olympic athlete can be that weak. She has not shown in any challenge really, and its not like she is exactly doing alot of work around camp as well. I guess this just shows what happens when you stop taking steroids. I am glad Bob is still in there, hes who I'm pulling for.

nyphon said...

actually, i have a different view than you guys. ken, black girl, and gc should have voted off ace. they may be weak and pathetic, but by keeping their biggest threat still in the game (ace), it can only prove to be bad. so what if they keep losing? all they will do is keep knocking out old members of the other tribe. now that sugar will be back, with the idol i might add, this sets up potential danger to the Weak players. also, last night was a perfect time to add jackie to their group (for voting purposes only), then when it was only them left, just get rid of her.

the "weak team" really fucked up their chances to take 100% control of that tribe by voting off ace. good players find a way to make it to the end, so this was the PRIME opportunity to get rid of him. what's going to happen is ace is going to start winning the immunity every week b/c he's so much better than everyone else in his tribe and he will just stay longer and longer and longer...with sugar by his side. if they got rid of ace, then sugar would be dead in the water anyways. those kids fucked up big time....

as for the olympic athlete sucking, what do you expect? she's black and its a water sport haha.

Prime said...

oh i def agree if you are rooting for the nub three (ken and nigs) then they def made a stupid choice keeping Ace. The only logic would be they have a better chance to win some challenges and avoid more tribals, but I dont really see this team ever winning unless the challenge is nub so that isnt even an issue.

If they lose again next week (99% probability), I think they will try to vote Ace off. His only chance will be to convince sugar to give him the idol, which is highly possible to happen