Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boski on Creepy I.T. guys

So most of you guys have to deal with an I.T. guy, or some form of it. Why are most of them fucked in the head? Here we've had normal guys, we've had some guys who were just slightly geeky, we had a girl who was smoking....well she did have a butt'er face but who cared with an ass like she had. But more often than not, they are just screwy. We had a guy who was a Pagan, he asked for Halloween off as a religious holiday, I asked him if he was gonna kill any cats. He also kept a knife collection in the trunk of his car. We had one guy that came in stoned everyday and just sat around. One guy who they almost hired came in dressed entirely in all black and our head IT guy said the dude was giving him an evil look the entire time. One guy who is currently employed as a stock guy and wanted to move up to IT makes his own chain mail armor. And paints figures of dragons in his spare time in the stockroom. Our newest guy is great, hes a headcase with big glasses and some completely jacked teeth. Now normally I would not rag on a guys looks but there was something said yesterday that I had to laugh. Someone was asking for him to fix their printer, it was one of the girls and he did not know which one. One of her coworkers who is a girl said its the girl with the curly hair and the big ass. Which this girl does have. He said "you don't need to describe her, i didn't need to hear all that." Then says to me that girl ain't nothing special, I will tell her that myself. Now shes not hot, but if this guy even came close to tapping it I would claim it a miracle. On top of that the guy just says the most random shit. We've now given him the title of Capt. Random.

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nyphon said...

you are preaching to the choir