Tuesday, July 8, 2008

NC drivers, roads, Police, and why Staboski is the best driver

So as most know Boski was on vacation last week down in Emerald Isle, NC. Which is in the southern part of the Outer Banks. It was lovely but let me tell NC road system, and everything associated with it, is weird. None of them can drive for shit. Most of them either drive to slow, or drive like they've been downing some of Grandpa's cough medicine.

The roads are terrible. They aren't lit for shit, and the markings are faded. Pot holes everywhere. If teh Boz wasn't so leet sauce at driving it could have been a problem. Now the police in NC are sneaky. Not like VA cops who overwhelm you with sheer numbers. No the NC cops use various unmarked cars. Dodge Intrepids, Dodge SUVs, all unmarked. Also on the island, I noticed many cops cars just parked, nobody inside , in locations where you would think they would be running radar in an effort to scare people. Fuckers didn't catch me.

So we decided to come home on Saturday night around 8pm. I looked at the sky and that fucker looked ominous. I said "I got a bad feeling about this." Well we get into the shit and this storm could have probably spawned a few F5 tornadoes. It was right out of a scene from Twister. Floods, power outages in these small hick towns, and this lasted the entire trip. Did we stop...fuck no. And thats because even in the blinding rain Boski feels the road. Plus the fact that stopping in one of these small towns will lead to being raped by some big fucker with 7 teeth. Boski made it home just 15 minutes more than his best time (*note* best time: 3 hours 58 minutes), all while averaging 26mpg...a personal best.

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