Friday, December 4, 2009


If anyone wants to do that bowlmania thing, I set up a group on Yahoo:

League ID: 8155
Password: prime

Always gives me a reason to watch the bowl games which would otherwise be pointless to me (about 95% of them anyway)


Staboski said...

I'm down...and not jack the thread but I just read this:

"Sunsations Inc., the souvenir shop chain based in Virginia Beach, has voluntarily recalled about 12,000 children's hooded sweatshirts with drawstrings."

It said they sold them between 2006 to 2009...know anything about this Boon?

nyphon said...

no idea bosk. i do know the products there were really poor quality though.

nyphon said...

btw, how about nafies DOMINANT run in fantasy football? Starts off 2-4, and ends on a 7 game win streak, topping the #1 seed in the process. Man I am AWESOMMMEEEEE

Staboski said...

wait, you simply beat me on a off day, boski is still #1. I hope you make it to the final where I will send you back to pee wee hell!