Thursday, August 21, 2008

Best Actor (pt.3)

I'm just gonna list a few actors with my top 5 and notables with no explanation, and leave it up to debate --- (** respresents a movie i havent seen)

John Travolta
1) Pulp Fiction
2) Saturday Night Fever
3) Swordfish
4) Grease
5) Basic
Notables: Be Cool, Broken Arrow, Face/Off, Staying Alive**, Urban Cowboy**, The Thin Red Line**, Look Who's Talking, Wild Hogs**, The Punisher

Overall: Hard to rank Travolta, because his movies are so random. I probably am even forgetting a movie, because he has had so many random roles. Looking this list though, I dont put him in consideration for #1

Edward Norton
1) Fight Club
2) American History X
3) Prinal Fear
4) 25th hour
5) Rounders
Notables: Italian Job, Red Dragon**, Keeping the faith, The Painted Veil**

Overall: The Top 5 rival Cruise/Leo/Hanks....sorta lacks the depth but thats just because hes younger I think. The top 3 could be interchangeable in my book in order, Primal Fear could easily be #1 based solely on Norton's performance.

Brad Pitt
1*tie) Troy
1*tie) Fight Club
3) Seven
4) Legends of the Fall
5) 12 Monkeys
Notables: A river Runs through it, Sleepers**, Snatch, Ocean's series, Mr/Mrs. Smith, Meet Joe Black, 7 years in Tibet**, Babel** ,

Overall: After seven there a number of debateable choices for 4/5 depending on how you rate them. I don't think Pitt rivals the top 3, but top 5 could be a possibility.


nyphon said...

can i get a shout out to my man anthony hopkins?
1) silence of the lambs
2) meet joe black
3) amistad
4) dracula
5) the edge (very underrated movie imo)

another top notch actor that no one has mentioned (even though he isnt top 5, i just like him) is joaquin phoenix
1) walk the line
2) gladiator (hated him in the movie but that just means he played it really well)
3) signs
4) we own the night
5) the village

pex said...

i think the quality of pitts movies puts him into the top 5. travolta is good, but not all of his movies show strong acting imo. ed norton probably would be just outside of top 5 due to his lack of great roles. he has a couple but not enough

pex said...

oh yea and dont forget interview with a vampire for pitt and cruise, good movie

Prime said...

I would have to rate Hopkins, minus his 15 minutes or so on screen in Silence of the Lambs, doesnt have any performance that sticks out in my book

Another underrated actor that probably wouldnt be mentioned is Val Kilmer:
1) The Doors 2) Top Gun 3) Tombstone 4) The Saint 5) Heat plus a decent Batman just off the top of my head

nyphon said...

i guess a big thing to consider is if you are rating the actor on how they act or rating them on how many quality movies they have been in. for instance, you could say forest whitaker is a top 5 actor b/c his role in the king movie was so domination that he deserves it. or you could say matt damon is top 5 b/c he has been a part of so many good movies. in fact, i don't know many actors that have been in the # of big movies that matt damon has been in.

can you name any actors that have been in bigger hits of movies than harrison ford? star wars and indiana jones come to mind

pex said...

its a combination of both. best acting jobs ive seen in a while are probably heath ledger as joker, the bad guy in no country, forest whitaker in last king, and daniel day lewis in twbb. i think it would be wrong to say that any of them are even top 3 due to their lack of other really strong movies. on the other hand you have damon, lots of domination movies, but no really strong performances. tbh i think he is replaceable in a lot of his movies

Prime said...

Yea I think its def a combo, if the top actor of a movie has a great performance, than the movie should be great. I can't think of an instance where there has been a great performance (from a primetime actor) in a crappy movie.

Harrison Ford has def been in some of the bigger money making films. I don't really like Indiana Jones or Star Wars really tho so I dont really bump him up much there

I'll have to disagree with the no country bad guy. I know im in the minority since apparently this movie is considered leet...but I think anyone posting in this forum could have played that role if given the script, better yet a number of other actors.

term said...

Prime, if you had seen Sleepers, you would consider if for your top 5 for Pitt. Pretty good movie imo, worth renting to watch.

Samuel L. isn't a very good actor largely due to the fact that he has taken some horrendous roles in bad movies. Anyone who doesn't taking their job seriously like this has lost enough respect from me to boot them from a top 10. I mean, the dude got eaten by a shark half way through one biggest piece of shit movies ever.

All I know is I am so fucking glad that no one has mentioned Cage. Dude is a joke.

Prime said...

hahahah....the scene where samuel gets eaten by a shark is one of the funniest non-comedy scenes in movie history. Samuel is def the most overrated actor of all time imo. Even in Pulp Fiction I think Travolta was better truthfully, Sam just had some sweet quotes that he prob didnt write. The Negotiator is really the only other movie he was in that I think was any good, and that credit goes to Spacey more than him.

pex said...

dont hate on samuel l. for bringin in the benjamins. he's just a humble guy, no role is too low for him

Prime said...

haha im not hating....if someone was going to pay me major cash to act in a horrible movie i would do it too. i'm just pointing out that after pulp fiction, he really has nothing worth talking about, which makes him overrated because he is actually thought of as a pretty highly acclaimed actor by some