Friday, August 8, 2008

boon's first blog

I happened to cross this morning and the front page says 'Russia Invades Georgia'. Whatever, I don't care, good for them. What pisses me off is in the first paragraph it says "The United States is calling for an immediate cease-fire". Why do we have to play Big Brother for shit that's got nothing to do with us? Is it our "duty" as Americans to stick up for the little kid who can't stand on their own two feet? I say fuck that. We have our own problems, but yet we keep stretching our military to places we don't belong.

"What is Boon's solution?" you ask. It's very simple, actually. We retract our troops and use the trillions we save by building a wall along the Mexican coast with Laptop guns at each mile marker. Then, we take $10 mil of taxed income from Exxon and build a new Sonics stadium. Done and done.


Prime said...

100% agreed, unless Russia is dropping nuclear bombs all over Europe, I don't really care what is going on. In addition to the massive wall with laptop guns (or more realistically, the massive number of troops we would have manning the wall with awp's after we bring them all back)....I think we need to use some of the trillion dollars to form a real INS team.

Little example of how weak the INS must be....I had to go to Home Depot in lovely Prince George County (basically like being in Ecuador or something). Outside the Home Depot, there are literally 200+ illegals just standing out there waiting for people coming out of Home Depot to offer up work. Of course I was driving our White City Van, so I was basically crowded with about 50 of these Latinos. One trip by the INS there could round up about 100 of these fools.

Prime said...

and dont worry, the pain of the supersonics leaving will soon go away with Julius Jones leads the Seahawks to the Superbowl

term said...

only reason we are calling for a cease fire is because Georgia's current elected president is a western supporter and pro-democracy. Georgia also controls a pretty important region for transporting oil/natural gas from Russia to the world market.

all in all, i completely agree with what you are saying. one thing you can be sure of is that we won't commit any troops to the area, we will just talk like we care for Georgia. we have way too much investment in russia (see: OIL) and really they are pretty BAMF so i don't think we want to pick any fights. i think we should just completely ally up with russia. our two countries alone span like half the globe and once global warming melts the ice caps enough, the potential for trade through there sky rockets. plus they own ungodly amounts of commodities.

on another note (kinda on the exxon tax), oil is down $30 from the high earlier this year, dollar is up a little on the euro recently, gas prices have fallen 27 cent in the past month. almost all oil companies around the globe (including exxon) are making LESS money now by REFINING oil than they were one year ago. do you think the heat is going to be lifted from them if the trend continues?

i guess not because they make 80% of their profit just from drilling oil, which means they will still make ungodly amounts. even though this translates for most people that they make all their money from selling gas.

and lets celebrate that the dollar is doing something. wouldn't have guessed that with how our government is just spending our money to blindly save horribly managed companies. drinks on me

Staboski said...

i was going to post on this too boon, but you pretty much said exactly what I was going to say. also consider how many military bases the us has world wide. why do we have them? bases in germany, the middle east, japan just to name a few. how many german air stations are there in the US? none, and there never will be. we could save soo much money by bringing these trops back. and these troops can either man the wall or take the jobs that the illegals are doing right now. man in truth, give boski and awp and put me on that wall.....nobody will get through. on a side note the community sheild match is today (man utd vs. portsmouth...league winner vs. fa cup winner) it doesn't really mean anything but kicks off the EPL which starts next week, everyone should peep. and also look for boski's big post about the olympics on monday.