Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good Shows

I'll be honest, this topic wasn't completely my idea. I recently read one similar and it got me thinking. I know this topic isn't that great, but I figured a weak post is better than no post ( as is evident by some of bosk's articles =P ). What TV shows out there are really worth watching? I'll start off with the ones that we all have heard about and probably watch.

First is Entourage. I won't go into much detail since everyone knows it. I don't have HBO here so I'll be streaming the episodes off of sidereel.com, which by the way has episodes for all of the shows I'm going to mention. Anyway, the new season starts September 9th. The only real thing I have to say about it is that Drama reminds me of Boski.

Next is Lost. Everyone has heard of it, not all of us watch it. First I'll state bluntly that it is my favorite show on TV. Alot of people are turned off by the fact that questions are almost never answered, and in fact usually lead to even more questions. But I actually like it that way, as long as there is some plan to it like the writers say (they already know how everything ends). The beginnings of this show were very similar for those of us who do watch it, Boon, Term, and myself. Basically, I watched the first couple seasons in a week, about 40 episodes at 40 minutes a pop. You do the math. So if you ever do get the time to try it out Bosk and Prime, I would recommend it.

Then there are the shows that I personally have not watched but have heard good things, and I plan on watching them on sidereel if I get the chance. Weeds and Dexter were both recommended by Boon as well as other online sources. I've seen previews of Weeds and it's definitely high on my to-do list. I've also heard a lot of good things about Battlestar Galactica. I've seen previews, and the plot really does look pretty good.

Now onto the only show that I watch every week, Mad Men. You may or may not have heard of it, it's on AMC. I first watched it randomly on demand over the summer and got hooked. The writer of the show was also a writer for the Sopranos, and the show won a couple emmys last year for best drama and best actor in a drama, I believe. It takes place in the 60's, back when women were harassed at work and liked it, smoking was cool, and everyone drank scotch during the day. The main character works at an ad company and is pretty bamf in general. His wife is also really hot, almost worth watching it just for her.

Anyway, if theres a show you think I'm missing out on let me know. Good shows, the kind that you can't wait another week for, are really rare.


nyphon said...

you mentioned all quality shows, 2 more that i'd add to the list are heroes and rob & big. i also really enjoy i love money, but since it's so cheesy, i can't combine it with the others.

one show i've heard great things about but never have watched is californiacation- starring david duchovny. if you haven't heard of it, it's about a writer (david) who is just a huge pimp and sleeps with a lot of hot girls. again, i've never seen it but i've heard good things.

off what adam said, weeds and dexter are both domination. 1st 3 seasons of weeds were amazing, but this season has tailed off a little for me. except, last week's weeds was the first time ever you see nancy botwin's boobies (for a good 10 secs too). she's the mom and smokin hot. then dexter is just amazing. the first season starts a little slow, but once you get to about the 4th episode it is 100% quality. i'd actually probably recommend dexter over weeds even though they are hard to compare since they are different types of shows.

Staboski said...

ok boski is like drama??? i don't know about that one pex. Boski might be Ari. entourage is the only show listed I watch. Now I wish I could watch more shows but i'm sad to say I don't have the time/or get to choose what I watch most of the time. I do have a few that still watch religously. Top Chef is one, both me and Prime are into it and it is a great show even if you have no interest at all in cooking. Another show I watch, although I don't have any money to invest right now is Jim Cramer's mad money. I'm normally getting dinner ready when it comes on and I watch it because its entertaining and helps me understand the market. I consider this a "show" but I can see where it wouldn't fall into a true tv series program. Just like a watch Fox Football Fhone in which is a live debate about soccer that takes place every week when the EPL is going. Its a great show but it is sports oriented so i'll leave it out. There is one big show you are missing from your list that I think alot of us watch and thats the Office. I cannot wait for it to come back on. I read Shrute and Creeds blog all the time for a good laugh.

pex said...

Oh yea I definitely forgot about the office, definitely one of the best. I saw a commercial for it where they play some slap game, really funny. rob and big was also good stuff, and i also liked runs house. I've recently heard about californication actually, maybe i'll look more into it.

Prime said...

definetly top chef would be my favorite show when its on. cant really comment on the others though, since i do not watch any mentioned.

i can second the i love money comment by boon. i never plan to watch it, but everytime i see it on i watch the whole episode

Staboski said...

I forgot a show I watch alot that I'm sure most of you guys do not. Its called Pass Time on speedvision. Basically there is a host and three contestants. One of the contestants is the same guy every show, he is their resident expert so he acts as the "house" on the show. Basically they go to a drap strip and someone brings their car up, tells just alittle bit about it, each contestant gets to ask a question about the car/driver and guess what it will run time wise in the 1/4 mile. First round is $100, they have a combo round where there are two cars and you have to guess the combined time for $200, and $300 dollar round and a $500 round. Whoever has the most money at the end of the show gets to keep it all. Its a good show for car guys, normally most of the cars are older muscle cars but still a good show.

nyphon said...

nip/tuck too

pex said...

ive seen pass time before, it was ok. I'm sure you've heard that Top Gear is supposedly coming to the US. Now thats a show I'm sure I'll watch. oh yea I forgot about Nip/Tuck, good show, but it may be slipping. I'll have to judge by how much I get into the new season.

Staboski said...

I watched Nip/Tuck for like the first two seasons, then it just got out of control and unbelievable so I stopped. That will be adam in about 10 years. Top Gear is soo good now, I'm not sure how the american version will turn out. Adam Carolla as a host just doesn't fit well with me....I guess time will tell. Hes no Tiff thats for sure.

pex said...

just watched the first episodes of dexter and weeds. both were quality. I think i'm gonna have to watch dexter first though like you recommended. although weeds was good it didnt really leave me wanting to immediately watch the next episode like dexter did.