Thursday, August 21, 2008

Boon's Final Top 5

After reading everyone's input, plus my own opinions, here are my top 5 (along with their best role):

1) Leo - The Departed
2) Hanks - Forrest Gump
3) De Niro - Goodfellas
4) Cruise - Jerry Maguire
5) Philip Seymour Hoffman - M.I. 3 (haters will bash this one I know, my only response is any role he plays, he is fucking domination in it. He can play a nerd or a bad ass, and both will be pulled off with excellence.)

Just missed list: Brad Pitt- Troy, Matt Damon- Good Will Hunting

My next list will be top 5 single performances in a movie.


Prime said...

can anyone else comment on how good PSH was in MI-3? I might just have to watch this movie if his performance is as great as boon is claiming

ill reply with my top 5 after some thought, I believe Leo will #1 for me as well

Prime said...

My List (went with 10)

1) Leo - Titanic
2) Cruise - Top Gun
3) Hanks - F.Gump
4) Damon - Good Will Hunting
5) De Niro - Taxi Driver
6) Spacey - American Beauty
7) Pitt - Troy
8) Denzel - Man on Fire
9) Norton - Fight Club
10) Costner - Tin Cup

Just missed: Nicholson (The Shining) / Kilmer (The Doors)

162) Phillip Symour Hoffman

pex said...

psh was definitely a strong villain in mi 3. I havent seen it in such a long time though I really cant comment any further. I'll post my top 5 in the same way nate did, although its without too much thought, so it isnt set in stone. I'll also beat boon to the punch, kinda like what he did to prime, and post my best single performances.


1. Leo - Blood Diamond
2. Hanks - Forrest Gump
3. Cruise - Collateral
4. Pitt - Troy
5. Spacey - American Beauty

Honorable - Ed Norton, De Niro, Nickolson


1. Daniel Day Lewis - TWBB
2. Tom Hanks - Forrest Gump
3. Forest Whitaker - The Last King of Scotland
4. Adrien Brody - The Pianist
5. Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight

Honorable - Villain in No Country, Denzel in Training Day, Nickolson in The Shining, Pacino in Scarface, Bale in American Psycho

Prime said...

i cant really narrow down a top performance over another, heres what has come to my head (that pex didnt mention) since ive seen pex's post at my boring day of work:

Mel Gibson - Braveheart
Leo - Titanic
DDL - Gangs of NY
Val Kilmer - The Doors
Brad Pitt - Troy
Spacey - Se7en, Usual Suspects
Hoffman - Rain Man
De Niro - Cape Fear
Pacino - Scarface
Costner - Tin Cup/Dances with Wolves
Douglas - Wall Street
Joaquin - Walk the Line
Norton - Primal Fear
Billy Bob - Sling Blade
Johnny Depp - Blow
Keanu - Matrix (cant hate on the performance)

term said...

I can and will hate on Reeves performance in the Matrix. Horrendous actor.

Actors with respective movies:

1) Leo - Departed
2) Nicholson - Shinning
3) Pitt - Fight Club (honorable mention for Snatch)
4) Spacey - Usual Suspects
5) Hanks - Road to Perdition (his performance in Gump is overrated only because everyone thought it was SO GOOD~~!~@~!, I would put Cast Away ahead of that)

Performances (a little iffy, too many to choose from):

1) Day Lewis - TWBB
2) Nicholson - Shinning
3) Guy Pearce - Memento
4) Bale - American Psycho
5) Norton - American History X

Honorable Mention :
Malcolm McDowell - Clockwork Orange (main char)
Javier Bardem - No Country for Old Men (bad guy)
Clive Owen - Children of Men

pex said...

forrest gump is one of my favorite movies of all time, so in my opinion definitely not overrated. top 10 for sure

pex said...

also i was pretty surprised not to see cruise in your top 5, especially after this comment "Cruise - Ignoring his real life, the dude is an amazing actor. There is absolutely no doubt he should be top 5 in my mind."

that would seem to bump hanks from your list, which i dont feel too good about. even though i left nicholson off my list, i wouldnt feel too comfortable replacing him as #2 on yours either.

term said...

Yea, I thought about Cruise. He probably would be tied with Hanks really, I just tried to limit it to an actual top 5 without ties. The thing that kept Cruise off was probably his personal life for me, though contradicting my previous comment. But for the record:

5 tied) Cruise - Eyes Wide Shut/Vanilla Sky

term said...

And Nicholson is for sure in my top 5. I almost had him number 1.

nyphon said...

Top 10 performances (most have been already mentioned)

1)crowe- gladiator
2)DDL- Gangs of new york (I thought this performance and TWBB were both great, but this movie I thought he played his role very, very well. An above average movie with a great individual performance).
3) Pacino- Scarface
4) Hanks- Forrest Gump (I still watch this movie when i see it on USA, and every time I think his acting was better. Great movie with incomparable acting).
5) Gibson- braveheart
6) Norton- American History X
7)Spacey- American Beauty
8)SLJ- Pulp Fiction (as adam said, dont hate on samuel. He was the perfect "bad ass motherfucker" for that movie)...did you know they call a big mac a royal with cheese in england???
9)hopkins- silence of the lambs. i dunno when you nubs last saw this movie, but he is a creepy fucker. Hannibal Lector was supposed to be very intelligent, but unpredictable and i dont know anyone who could have pulled off a better part than him)
10)vin diesel - the pacifier (joking of course)...

Prime said...

i cant really argue with anything from boons list. my top 5 would probably be the same, just re-ordered. I think I would give Gibson in Braveheart the #1 spot narrowly over Crowe.

The only differences would prob be I would have to fit Nicholson in the Shining somewhere on my top 10, and I would probably substitute Travolta in as the top performer from Pulp Fiction, although that can go either way.

term said...

I'm not sure if I want Boon making posts anymore when he can't even quote the movie right.

Quarter Pounder in France, not Big Mac in England.

Maybe you were joking?