Thursday, June 19, 2008

How do you respond to that?

Taking a dump at work is the best. At home I normally read a magazine or book on the can. I'm in there for a while as its one of the few times I actually have alone with myself. At work I don't have the luxury of a magazine, I could take the newspaper (like our owner) but I don't people to say something to me about it. Thank goodness for PDA phones. What does Boski do when going #2 at work. Well I can surf the web if I want to, but most of the time I am playing bubble breaker. On standard mode after months of playing I finally busted all the bubbles. You would think they would give you like +1trillion points for that but no! Now I'm into the megashift game mode, where you really are playing for score. Right now I average around 480, I'm trying to break the 500 mark. If I don't want to play bubble breaker there is always the trusted fall back of solitaire. I have discovered a hack to the game. After several plays the computer will start fucking you, you won't get dealt any good hands and you will never is the trick: go into the option menu, chose a new deck design (my fav is the yin and yang sign) and deal great cards. Works like a champ everytime.

So something happened today that was really strange. I had the dubious honor of having to go to the post office and bank today for the company. So I'm driving the company vehicle (which is big gas guzzling truck, which means more money for Term) and notice this big red pick up truck get right on my ass. I'm pissed, then he backs off. OK, maybe he was just making a point, I was not accelerating the fastest. We changes lanes (without signaling) and goes past me, he looks abit crazy. He then proceeds to change lanes back to my lane, right in front of me while we are coming to a stop light. And I mean it was dangerous. Well that didn't sit well with Boski so I let him hear a couple of four letter words I had for him. The light goes green and he delays and then does a little burnout as he takes off, weaving all over the place. Now its serious. Boski gets along side of him and just basically tells him hes a fucking idiot and he is going to kill someone, to this he smugs. At the next red light I get up next to him and say "hey man what the fuck?" He states back, in a drunken slur "sorry man, I just lost my wife." What do you say to that??? Was he bullshitting me, was it real? It stopped me, so I said "man just be cool man." Thats all I could think of. It was just nuts.

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