Wednesday, June 18, 2008

1:45 PM

So this morning my stupidvisor (who is still married, although separated, the other weird thing is she still wears her wedding band????) is e-whoring herself. Shes discovered some guy through myspace and is trying to get in. She spent 30 mins. trying to figure out how to setup yahoo messenger to talk to this guy. She then all of a sudden goes out to lunch (she normally goes for 2 hours anyway) and I think she is going to see this guy. Which is cool with me because I got that in my back pocket to bring back on her if she ever says something about my browsing car or soccer websites. Then there looks to be someone in my department leaving, which at most jobs people would say fine, who are they bringing in to replace that person. Not my job, it just means more slack that I have to pick up. Which truth be told I already carry this person as is so it won't be that much of a problem.


nyphon said...

boski this could get you fired

Prime said...

this blog owns...bookmark #1 on my work comp

Staboski said...

nobody at work is going to be reading this thing, plus i'm not using real name, they'll never be able to track it