Friday, January 16, 2009

Do the Dew...

Thought I could make a lighter blog post after the last few heated ones. The idea for this blog came from work, as this entire morning I have listened to three co-workers have a literal 30-45 minute debate over what the best fast food chain was. They literally went through every menu to evaluate them, at one point pulling out a piece of paper to put rankings down for each menu item to get a total score for each. Intense and nub, I know. But I thought it would be interesting to see what others would rank, so I made a blog. Below I have my top 5, may edit it with more thought, but here it is for now.

1) Wendys:
Strenghts: All of the chicken sandwiches, pretty solid chili for fast food, best value menu, frostys
Weaknesses: Fries (ive always rated wendys fries the worst, but nowadays it really just depends on the day whether you get good fries or not)
Overall: Not much you can hate on Wendys for, the Spicy Chicken I think I would have to rate as the best individual fast food item, and they have a pretty solid selection of other stuff.

2) Arbys:
Strenghts: Roast Beef sandwiches, chicken cordon bleu, I've heard there sandwiches are real good, but have no experience myself, best honey mustard sauce
Weaknesses: Price
Overall: The roast beef sandwich may be #2 behind the Spicy for me. Doesn't quite have the depth wendys has, but still solid.

3) Taco Bell:
Strenghts: Price - Nacho Cheese Chalupas with no tomatoes
Weaknesses: No real weaknesses, just obviously limited to mexican
Overall: Could be debateable to be above arbys. As Im writing this Im starting to think Nacho Cheese Chalupa may be the #1 individual item on any menu

4) Chic Fil A
Strengths: Breakfast, Nuggets
Weaknesses: Poor Honey Mustard Sauce, Limited Selection, Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Overall: Chic Fil A has faded for me recently. The standard chicken sandwich is good, but I still prefer wendys I think, and their grilled chicken sandwich is majorly nub.

5) Just found out we are having a nub staff meeting real quick, Ill have to come back to this as I am still debating my 5th


Prime said...

P.S No clue why I put the title as Do the Dew. I dont even remember writing that honestly

Staboski said...

For me:
1. Wendy's
Agreed with everything Prime said, and Spicy Chickenis the #1 fast food item ever.

2. Chic Fil A
I think their Honey Mustard is ok, not the greatest. Their fries are a plus and I think along with their new milk shake they are now well rounded. My big NEG I would put is the one by my house is operated by nothing but religious people. I've had jesus propoganda dropped in my bags before, the staff is always nice and on point. But I don't want that shit in my food. That tied in they aren't open on Sunday, another NEG.

3. Arbys
Good sandwiches, and they also have mozzarella sticks, that is huge bonus points.

4. Taco Bell
Can't argue with the value, plus they have the limited edition baha blash mountain dew.

5. For my 5th I'm gonna go with a KFC and A & W combo joint we've got by my house. Can't go wrong with that place, but the drive thru wait cant be long.

For Mc Ds. I pretty much only get Chicken Selects. And their Buffalo sauce is excellent, but they just don't have the depth. Their burgers are ok but thats about it. Plus depending on what location you go to it will either be really nice or extremely shitty.

Same can be said about Burger King, altough I do like BK's french toast sticks.

If Diego's Taco shop was still open, that would surely be on my list. Prime knows what I'm talking about.

Prime said...

5) BK

Strengths - Boons Blessing, Croissant-wich, Chicken Club thing is they still have it, best fries, Whopper?,

Weaknesses - health, commercials with the dudes dressed as whopper and whopper jr

Overall: Boon loves it, so its gotta be good. Havent had BK since whenever the last time I went with boon was, which may be perfect dark days

term said...

The BK health comment was lol.

I flat out don't eat fast food anymore minus Subway if you count that.

The fastest food I eat is at the deli in the liquor store next to me.

Pluses: They put 1/2 lb of deli meat on one sandwhich. Seriously. And I end up getting beer too.

I'll list my former top 5 later.

pex said...

I don't know if I can truly rank these because I get tired of all of them. I can probably say that Wendy's is number 1 though. The value menu is just off the charts. I dip everything into the chili, which makes their fries just as good as any other place. Frosties are also a huge plus.

Other than that I'd have to say that Taco Bell is up there.

nyphon said...

what a great topic. here are my rankings (some might surprise you). Pretty much the way they are ranked is in direct correlation with how many times i could eat there in a given week. for instance, chick-fil-a is off the charts, but i only eat 1 thing there so i could only eat it once or twice a week without getting sick of it.

1. Wendys: They get the nod at #1 b/c they have a great chicken combo meal (#7- not spicy) and a great burger meal (#2). What puts them above the rest is a spectacular single item list such as JBC's, chili, double stacks, nuggets are off the charts, and frostys. i could eat there multiple times a week and not get sick of it b/c the variety they offer.
Negatives: Fries are not as good as other places and prices. I bought a large #2 last night and it cost $7.82!!!! And in my area, there is no dollar menu.

2. mcdonalds: they recently moved up to #2 once they started offering the southern style chicken sandwich. it is phenomenal (better than wendys IMO and only one step behind chick-fil-a's chicken sandwich which is really saying something). just like wendys they have a great chicken and beef combo meal (big mac). They also are pretty cheap, only place to offer powerade, good fries, yummy milkshakes, and good dollar menu (double cheeseburger).
Negatives: seems like i'm eating fake food.
3. BK: the reason BK drops to #3 is due to lack of variety. the only thing i ever eat there is the whopper meal, which is the best single value meal of them all. fantastic fries and the best burger. they do not have good chicken, so they are solidly at #3 based on one meal they offer.
4. Chick-fil-a: they are in the exact same boat as great meal (chicken sandwich). if they combined with bk then it would be the best food chain of all time.
5. taco bell: it's a nice change of pace from all the other traditional burger joints. Positives: very cheap, good food. Negatives: value meals don't fill me up, pepsi products.

i was kind of surprised with all the love for Arbys. I do like arbys and their chicken cordon bleu is yummy to my tummy. plus some of the best fries and shakes, but overall i just don't go there a lot.

pex said...

i think arbys fries, curly and home style, both suck. its sad because i like the chicken shakers with buffalo sauce. mcdonalds has the best fries i'd have to say. of course fries are also heavily dependent on being fresh.

Prime said...

i rank arbys curly fries at the top, always been my favorite. i would say mcdonals and bk battle for #2 on the fries, depending on the freshness as mentioned.

and i have to agree with boon on the #7. when made properly, i rank the #7 ahead of the spicy combo.

pex said...

man, what about the good ol days. the days before wendys changed the sauce on the grilled chicken. id lick that sauce off of debs feet. when they changed their grilled chicken i almost had to boycott wendys, but alas the value menu is just too good to pass up