Monday, February 21, 2011


Hello Scott - Hope you are ready to get dominated in Fifa and whatever drinking games we play. Make sure to have your fridge stocked with 90 min IPAs and top shelf burboun.

What's the weather like in Houston? Should I bring jeans, sweatshirt, jacket, etc? Anything else I should be aware of???


Prime said...

in addition to boons requests....i would like to request a healthy supply of OJ and Kashi Bars to properly nourish my body each morning. please also make sure the brita filter is up do date, as it will be taking a beating

nyphon said...

also don't forget extra soap, shampoo and towels as Prime likes to take 3 showers per day.

Prime said...

"soap"...LL OO LL....ill be bringing my own "body wash" kthx. boon might need some icy hot patches tho, sleeping on that hardwood floor is gonna be tough for 3 nights

nyphon said...

you're right, hardwood floor + banging bitches will be rough on the back

term said...

Fridge will be stocked with Term's homebrew to sip on. We will also be making a run to Spec's regardless.

As for weather, looks to be slightly rainy Thursday, but then 75 and partly cloudy next few days. That is pretty much jeans/t-shirt weather for me. If you want to wear shorts just cause you can, it won't hurt to bring a pair. Bringing a light jacket would be smart, as it can get semi-brisk at night. Of course my blood is really thin now since I've lived down here forever, so you might be more of a man for me.

Other than that, let me know if you need anything other than those things mentioned. I actually do not have bar soap, so if you prefer that I can pick you up some.

Prime said...

seeing as 8-9 girls will be following me back to the house every night, i probably will need you to take care of #7-9 on the attractiveness scale on the floor for me, i can only do so much

i was unaware that they actually still made "bars" of soap, so please do not go buy one of those for boon, its embarrassing.

on the serious side...ill run down for nathan what im planning to bring in case that helps you out

One nicer button up (long sleeve)
The only 2 pairs of jeans i own
One pair of shorts
2 polos
ill throw in a bunch of my elite t-shirts

im thinking if were out during the day ill prob debate shorts, but def at night im rockin jeans. also rockin jeans to the rodeo and possibly a long sleeve somethin, i remember rockin a t-shirt last year which was cool til the sun dropped than it was way too cold

Staboski said...

man bagger slept on that hardwood floor just fine during his nap sesh

Prime said...

nathan is a princess he will struggle on the floor...2ba tho for him

on a seperate side note....term and boon both owe me $20 for bowlmania as well. term should owe me 40 becuase i skunked him like 500-0

term said...

ummm, seeing how i didn't actually participate in bowlmania, i don't see how I owe money. i didn't make one pick.

also, neither of you will be on the hardwood floor. we have an inflatable air mattress that you could actually both sleep on. if you didn't want to share, we have a futon.

Prime said...

blog poll: if a cat makes a bet, is he out of the bet because he is majorly nub and forgot to set his picks? if your home brew is decent ill let you out of your debt cause ill be putting a dent in that supply

ill test out the mattress and futon when i get there and make my pick of which i feel is better. boon can have the other


nyphon said...

hope you like poop under your pillows

Prime said...

hey nate - dont forget your phone charger....or shades bro