Thursday, January 6, 2011

Exxon cover up???

Death caused by "stress"??? Sounds sketchy to me.



term said...

Not sure, but the government should probably take over the bird and fish industry to prevent any future catastrophes. They could also provide health care for any sickened or poor birds/fishes. And not make any birds who can't afford their nests any more pay.

Obviously that would require more taxes to go to completely useless things. I'm cool with that.

Staboski said...

Term, why do you think the fish and birds died in the first place? Their programs were cut to support other industries that were going under. Unfortunately the birds and fish could only bribe the government with eggs, caviar, down feathers for their pillows. Not with lavish vacations, solid gold toilets, and massages w/ happy endings.

Willie Kaminski said...

That was only the start of Exxon's arrangement to deceive both general society and the government. The significant issue the organization knew it would face would be the wellbeing effects on occupants, so Exxon has given its best shot to keep reality from spilling out from thesis writing service.