Friday, June 11, 2010

world cup question

ok so this question pertains to game 1 - mexico vs south africa. i was watching on dvr and mexico had a corner kick. the kick went to about the pk mark and the goalie came out to punch it away. instead, a mexican guy headed it before the keeper could get to it. the ball then went directly to another mexican guy who just tapped it in. however, the goal didn't count b/c they called him offsides. the commentator was saying that it was a horrible call b/c there was a south african defender on the goal line, which there was.

my question: wasn't that the right call? isn't offsides defined as the last TWO defenders? not one? People always forget about the goalie. but since the goalie ran to punch the ball away, there was only 1 defender behind the mexican who scored. this means he was offsides, right? or did i play soccer for 20 years and not know the most common rule?


Prime said...

havent seen the play but i know the commentator was getting bashed on the radio on my way home by the radio guys who said he was wrong and the guy was offsides. mr term i think also confirmed that it was indeed a correct call

pex said...

they also said it was correct during one of the soccer highlight shows. i was confused when i saw the replay, never really thought about it though

Staboski said...

you are right nate, that is the rule. i've actually seen this called before where a goalie came out, actually punched the ball but had a guy rip it back in, they just had 1 defender back and there was an attacking player behind the back line of defenders (and goalie now that he came out) but in front of the guy on the line and they called him off. i probably saw the same highlight show pex did cause they were saying the same thing and joking that goalie was probably saying to his team "i meant to miss that ball to setup an offside trap"

i'm not a big fan of the "pundits" or commentators so far. has anyone watched alexi lalas and ruud gullit? to give you guys the cliffnotes both worked with the LA Galaxy a few years ago. Gullit as coach and Lalas as GM. On basically the same day the Galaxy fired Lalas and Gullit "resigned". Word is these two hated one another and when you watch them commentate you can see that they don't. both disagree on everything from players to how a team did in a half. in my mind lalas cannot even stand next to Gullit. Look the dude up and see what his creds are. I mean dude was sick, and also check out his hair from when he played in late 80s and early 90s gullit > lalas. I've been watch the 500 greatest goals and there were a few from Ruud, not one from lalas.

Staboski said...

Word is these two hated one another and when you watch them commentate you can see that they DO.

sorry didn't edit post and jack kept bothering me as i was typing