Friday, June 4, 2010

World Cup Picks

IDK about you guys, but all of these injuries truly have me sweating my WC picks. I've ended up with some really risky calls that will prove to be all or nothing.

btw, I'll be coming home for an extended period over July 4th holiday and BP oil spill pt.2 is in the works


Staboski said...

man I was really out of the loop while on vacation. i really did not have anytime to look on what was going. i didn't even know rafa was axed until I got home. agreed with what you said term. i mean does Ivory Coast have a chance w/o Drogba? They've got good players but hes the key guy. and England without Rio. I mean King is really good but no way his knees are gonna hold up.

Staboski said...

wow now Nani is out

pex said...

pex is home for 6 weeks. Girlfriend will also be staying with me for a month in 2 weeks. I'm workin with boskis doc over on providence rd for the time being. Step 2 board exam in 6 weeks so a lot of the time home will be studying...ill be making some appearances tho. Thursdays still happen?

Prime said...

thursdays have been not active since the end of survivor, not sure if there is a plan to bring them back at any point, boski may know more.

if your not studyin saturday and wanna do something im probably gonna roll somewhere to watch the usa game. also might check out some of the sand soccer this weekend as well

Staboski said...

no thursday night this week however it might make its comeback next week. i'll keep everyone updated.

prime I might be able to go shoot tomorrow, whats your schedule look like?

you can always come out sunday mornings to the JCC to watch The Kicking Lions take the field.(which basically translates into watching coach boski getting straight owned by a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds)