Friday, November 7, 2008

Survivor Take

Not sure how many peeps have watched it, so I'll just give my bulletin of takes about the rough episode that took place last night. If you didn't see it and are planning to watch it, dont read any further as I'll be spoiling the result.

- Basically the show starts off with both tribes meeting into what was thought to be a merge. There is this huge bucket that they cannot open til after their feast, and a blatant clue clear as day underneath it to another hidden idol. These clowns decide they will retrieve it as a group and set it free. At one point, they throw it on the table for anyone to take. My points on this are....1) At this point, I started to think that something was up and this might not be a merge, so I def would have taken that piece based on those thoughts alone 2) If I was a strong challenge player (Matty, Markus), I would have taken it, because I know anytime I dont win immunity they will be gunning for me so at least I'd have one mulligan, and 3) Sugar should have DEF taken that piece. 2 idols?? Who knows how far that could get you.

- So as I was kind of thinking, it wasnt the merge and they get totally new teams (as what always happens when someone starts dominating). As boon said in his last post, the game was Markus's to lose, so they decided to screw him up and put him with black chic and gamer....basically instant death. Markus best friend he finds out is black chic's cousin, so he decided not to vote for her. First point on that, any black friend you have has a 75% chance of being her cousin, this doesnt mean jack. Every player in the NBA has 48 other cousins playing in the nba, so i dont know why he felt a connection there. So they get to the challenege and Matty wins for his tribe (dont even know which is which anymore). Markus decides he wont try to vote Crystal out cause of his "connection". The native american/pakistani chic flips as expected to join the black girl and vietkong gamer to vote out markus. America I'm sure loved this as this is the kind of activity that was voted for a few days ago, blacks will continue to run society just like black chic is running this game somehow. Side note, I think the black chic was out of the challenge in less than 5 seconds, so fast that I dont even know if they showed her going out unless i missed it when i blinked at the start. Makes me REALLY wonder about the olympics

Matty and Bob are pretty much the only people even tolerable to root for. Bob is pretty strong for his age, and Matty is pretty sweet cause he seems like he is constanlty on Hasheesh and reminds me of Patrick Swayze in Point Break. I guess Sugar is ok at least, just a dumb blonde but not necessarily annoying.

My prediction at this point would be for the top 3 to be Matty, Crystal, and Ken, but that could change week to week. Everyone will join Crystal and Ken because they suck at challenges and everyone trusts blacks for some reason. Matty is a prayer but Im thinking he could be able to dominate challenges with Ace and Markus gone, so he may have a shot. Next week if they dont merge Bob or Matty is gone for sure tho depending on which team loses.


nyphon said...

i'll leave my take on the show later, but i just wanted to give my top 3 prediction now: randy, corrinne, gay dude

Staboski said...

Good post Boon, got to agree with everything you said. Especially about the cousin thing...75% is a pretty accurate number. I'm still pulling for Bob. Matty is going to end up like Leo did in the Beach.

Prime said...

hopeo youre right boon...i wouldnt mind that top 3, altho gay dude would win probably unanimous in that vote which i wouldnt be too thrilled with

pex said...

the racism expressed on this website makes me sick

Staboski said...

I don't know what you are talking about, I voted for Obama.

nyphon said...

rofl @ pex's comment.

i actually do not like corrinne....she is a bitch. my favs are probably sugar, matty (kind of annoying but at least he is athletic), bob, and randy (kind-of)...pretty much there is no one on the show i truly root for.