Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This has been a subject Boski has followed for years now. Radical environmental groups that are protecting earth at all costs. I used to follow this in blogs, websites, and youtube but now its in the public eye more than ever. I'm talking about Animal Planet's new show "Whale Wars" which documents the actions of Sea Shepard. Sea Shepard was founded by one of the original members of Greenpeace who left because they weren't taking enough of a in your face action. Sea Shepard's main focus is on protecting whales by ramming the whaling ships, sinking them, trying to disable their props, throwing stink bombs on them, etc. Sea Shepard and Greenpeace are just two of many groups that fit into this category. Animal Rights Militia, Earth First, PETA, SHAC, etc. all take this level to the extreme. I remember reading about African wildlife preserves now whos park rangers shot poachers on site. One guy has like over 100 confirmed kills. The question I want to ask sort of relates to the population discussion we had awhile ago, are these extreme methods needed in this day and age? I mean i'm all for protection of the planet/animals but is it worth putting human life in jeopardy? And just like the population debate this has many layers. Whaling for example I feel could totally be eliminated. I don't eat whales nor use any products derived from whales. So I could agree with PETA and join in a anti-whaling movement. But when PETA says don't eat beef, Boski has got a big problem with that. And certain methods are more agreeable to me than others. Throwing stink bombs on whaling vessels I'm ok with, ramming a ship in the middle of the Antarctic Ocean could cause serious damage and loss of life. Is a humans life worth less than a rhino? The poachers are lured by the high price of ivory and are probably living in terrible conditions. They see Ivory as means of survival. We could also look at some of these groups that sabotage logging operations, oil drilling, etc. These operations are essential to the worlds survival right now, we don't need anyone fucking this up. So whats the answer? Is there a clear one? We need to protect the earth and all of the animals but how far do we take it?


Prime said...

I'm not ok with any of these "eco-terrorist action". I agree that I probably don't use any products from a whale (not even really sure what use they have besides food)...but I am sure there is a practical use they are being hunted for. I don't think you can use the argument that just because you don't use something that comes from a whale, that you should try and stop whaling. If this were your argument, then you have to agree with someone who says I don't eat beef, stop killing cows, pigs whatever.

As long as their is a practical use for killing animals, then I am all for it. I have more of a problem with a dude that goes out and kills a deer to hang on his wall than a whaler. My only two issues with animal killing would be:
1) Killing for no purpose other than to kill - again, as long as there is a practical use for killing the animal, then thats fine
2) Inhumane killing - I wouldn't support torturing an animal during killing, which I dont think is done in whaling, beef production, etc.

Side point- I find it impossible to think that anyone in PETA or one of these other groups goes through their entire life without using something to benefit them that comes from an animal killing

Staboski said...

What I meant by the one comment was if whaling was banned, it would be ok with me because I don't eat whale. I agree people killing animals to eat is fine, thats survival. But there is another way to look at it. Eskimos are allowed to hunt whales. They have to eat whales to survive, its a main source of food. I'm ok with them killing whales. But lets take Shark's fins. Highly sought after in Asia for Shark's fin soup. Its a delicacy. These sharks are caught, have their fins cut off and thrown back overboard to die. Its not someone surviving off it, its for rich ass fucks who want to eat something that most can't. Same applies to those hunters who kill elephants for their tusks. Killing animals for food is not bad, especailly when that animal (cows, pigs, chickens, etc.) are breed for that purpose. Believe me if I didn't eat any animals I would die.

nyphon said...

as much as i'm not a fan of organizations like PETA, i don't feel sorry for people dying b/c they are breaking the law. the people who kill whales and hunt on reservations in africa know what they are doing is against the law and know the consequences could be lethal. if they want to take that risk, be ready to suffer if you get caught.

also, i wouldn't consider people who kill whales struggling to survive. niggas need boats and powerful weapons...i don't know any poor people who would have those things. I also think killing whales is inhumane. since they are so big, it's not like a shot to the head is going to kill one. they will harpoon them over and over until they tire out and die. i think they also feed them miniature bombs that blow up in their mouths...not exactly the best way to die