Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Prime said...

coulda swore i replied to this already....checked to see other comments and it did not show mine. dont feel like rewatching to make my comments again, but basically my premise was theres no way most of that is real. the ONLY way it could be real is if this dude did an insane number of takes, and by an insane number i mean 40 hours worth of attempts to get one shot.

the ones that i remember were a full field punt off the other crossbar....a kick off one goal crossbar onto another crossbar...and some other ones similar to that....shit would take forever

Staboski said...

its very sketch to me. peep this video and tell me what you think:


term said...

No idea if any of the posted videos are fake, but I just ended up watching Zidane videos on youtube instead cause I know those are real.

pex said...

looks real to me. if not thats some unreal editing skills. the physics of the ball just seems too realistic. idk. im sure it took a lot of tries for each shot but still kinda believable