Friday, March 12, 2010


Have you guys been watching this year? God I love that show.

Who do you root for? I'm a huge villians fan. Russell, Coach, Boston Rob, and Tyson are all great.


nyphon said...

in other news, jordan is preggers

Prime said...

ive been watchin survivor...its gotten way to scripted for me to really watch it for anything but a laugh now tho...i.e Coach and his speeches/crying, Boston Rob's "fainting episode" followed up by some BS scripted speech...and of course the random chickens that cbs released every now and then on the island.

that being said i guess i like russell out of who is left. tom was who i was rootin for since hes the only one to ever win all the immunity challenges on a season, but he got gayed. theres some hot chick on the villian team thats nice too, dont think she talks though because i have no idea what her name is

Staboski said...

My most hated is James, that guy went from someone who I used to cheer for to a joke, rupert as well. I hope the heros get run over for voting Tom off, worst decision in survvior history, even Probst said so in his blog.